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  1. I will point out something major within NC Soft History. Wildstar-all about mobile combat, except one class. That one class was called the Esper, it had to stand still to dps. It did crappy dps, and in a game about movement, was a stupid idea. Fast forward 3 months when they lost half the player base, and decided to make Espers mobile. Now we have somewhat of the same *cricket* issue. I don't mind stationary dps, however is I have to stand the *cricket* still, you better make damn sure my abilities are hitting like a boeing 747 on fire with a couple nukes packaged insid
  2. NC Soft never fails to fail. Turret classes don't work unless they pump out the dps to compensate for being still. Turrets need to hit like a turret. All the hype for the new class, all the time they had to work on it, and it's still a pile of shit. The thrall is useless, just give me another counter. This class is such a giant joke.
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