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  1. I really hope that money was some spare cash but even though its just plain stupid to spend so much on a costume. I do not want to judge you on how you spent you hard earned money but it is just plain dumb for you to spent so much money for something that can be bought from the shop in the future.
  2. Nochat & Soul

    You know what i barely get to use the chat at all in this game LOL. If I am lucky I get to see faction chat for a hours within 3 days and other days , "Party, Faction, Guild chat" is all unusable. Unable to speak in party or in guild chat is irritating and feels like I ma playing a single player game and only have to use "/say". I thoguht I was the only one with this problem.
  3. How dead is this game already?

    Its based on people choices you cant control and decide for them. Firstly you cant use that analogy as BnS have not created nor have that kind of fan based. BnS is a game where there is nothing to be fan about just that you enjoy the game but when it gets dull people leave. A soccer team is different people love the players and sport from their hearts and is something special. You ask what kind of players who leave the game if it is not doing well? Players determine the health of the game like it or not and with enough people leaving on a constant basis the game will die (Wildstar).
  4. How dead is this game already?

    I am not whining just giving you an opinion on the other side. My gear itself is quite high already but just saying that with the current state of the game it will bleed players untill the next patch. I have been playing BnS on other servers for years now and have seen this trend where the game is so dead there no matter how good you are as long there is low population it will be boring as hell.
  5. How dead is this game already?

    Say what you want about players. You have to understand even there are so called "Good players" left in this game but without a good player base population the game will slowly die. So what if the top 5% are good players with good gears but with a poor population you cant get anything done, nobody will buy your things etc.... One example is the Taiwan servers, the game is populated with bots and when you search for any dungeon content it takes ages to get a group moving, towns are empty etc....
  6. How dead is this game already?

    Sad to say 90% of my guildmates stopped playing the game and my friends list are all greyed out for weeks now. My real life friends all left due to the repeat of dailies and left for other games. Planning to move on soon too other games as currently Division is out and soon Over watch. I really wish this game will do well but currently its bleeding players quite fast from my point of view. Oh Tree of saviour open beta very soon =). I suggest you dbt buy the 1 year membership. Dont get fooled and tie your money down. BnS might or might not do well so I suggest you pay on a monthly basis. There are many good games coming up.
  7. Warlock vs 7F

    Madoshi clear up to floor 14 with true gale weapon and awakened infernal accessories. Its not the class ... Nobody cares about how much your time was left when you defeated him. Either help the OP with some tips and not just "Oh you just play helix and cc and you win"
  8. Current state of PvP and PvE viablity

    Try doing at Mushin Floor 7. He will wreck WLs because we have barely any CCs to control him and only out burst lol!
  9. Warlock vs 7F

    My warlock is more geared than my main but to tell you honestly no region has fought him as a 45 warlock. As of right now it is hard for us because crowd control him to death like others.
  10. Already needs a hard nerf..

    You cant assure us anything cause your not the developer and WL currently is the weakest class in pvp and the Jan balance patch we are getting a small buff.
  11. I'm scared to login : (

    $1500 on this game? Wow...... just wow. Speechless
  12. People complaining about Warlocks

    So your telling us at level 20 you are at GOLD rank? And with only so little skill points your able to pull it off? Sorry man i been pvping as a WL on other servers for a while now to call this bullshit. To be even viable in pvp you need a few basic skills and skill points to even compete and your not even at that level yet. You must have been fighting against lots of bots.
  13. Level 45

    Oh look a level 45 warlock spreading its epeen around
  14. People complaining about Warlocks

    Hahahahaha I was expecting ppl will start complaining after maybe like a few days but now its even faster!
  15. You dont need to play a warlockfor the free items, you can play any class to 45 and still get it.