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  1. PVE Build since patch?

    I think earth build is still better
  2. SystemErr

    Still can't log in. So incompetent.
  3. Linked Server Group 2 Factions Status?

    More crims than ceru in Cardinal Gates, that's for sure.
  4. Pirate Coins - Subtle NcSoft

    Is there an official post from ncsoft confirming this?
  5. Getting DCed every 3-5 mins

    I have this everyday.
  6. Why they do this?

    i am actually playing with 200+ ping on eu. How can i move to tw-ch-jp server?
  7. Why they do this?

    This is the first mmo I've played in my life and i loved it. Even leveled 2 characters to 45. It was great, had really fun. And then the level 50 patch hits and i've never been so lost in a game. - 24 man dungs almost empty - accs no longer dropping from final bosses - feels so much harder to upgrade weapon and accs - so many bots and hacks in pvp and the list goes on I feel like quitting but i truly love this game. So i don't really know what to do.. So tell me ncsoft: WHY YOU DO THIS?
  8. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    I doubt this will get any better.. so many bots and gold sellers..
  9. so many bots and spams... did they even do anything about it?
  10. It's a great game. It's more fun if you have friends playing with you.
  11. Choosing between summoner and force master

    I was wondering the same too, but finally started a summoner :D
  12. Weapon Progression Guide

    I'm a new level 45 destroyer with True Infernal Axe - Stage 10 max. How am i affected by this new patch? Thanks for a reply :)