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  1. They also get a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ton of HMcoins which will give them a further advantage.
  2. PVE is also p2w as there is a ladder. Paying more gives you higher chances of getting a better rank in ladder. Just that
  3. Dude... Bob, didn't I say they are highly competitive players? This is obviously assuming they have ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing good ping and performance, or are you that limited? People with high ping don't do ladders. Can you please use your brain? I beg you to use your brain.
  4. Did i forget to mention season just reset? Maybe I did forget to mention it. Making it very unlikely they try harded for those, but hey dude like I said, ain't gonna waste my time arguing with stupidity anymore. Enjoy your casuality.
  5. How can 2 year old raid content be well geared? That's my alts. And what? You expect people to carry your enjoyment through ET raid? The best dungeon you're running is at least 1 year old which is Shadowmoor... How can you consider yourself well geared?
  6. You do know they pre stack right? The ET weapon effect is way stronger than the TT one... and if they one shot it, where's the RNG?
  7. Whatever, you probably know better you're right. Oh almighty god of BNS. I give up arguing with stupidity.
  8. Cuz like i said, season just ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing reset and they do not care currently about ranking? Or are you that ignorant? Also those 2 seconds are probably because they did it on Ice spec rather than fire spec :D but am sure you wouldn't know that either. Those 2 second clears are ice spec, the 10 secs are fire spec, because they simply don't care yet. The other 2 were probably just testing ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.
  9. Check Force master, summoner, kfm, sin, blade master ladder for example :v Also season just reset
  10. The thing is quite alot of the competitive end game players are also p2w, making ladder rather one sided? lets say for those who do not have the chances to p2w that hard. And ladder is quite a good source of income also, which cucks you up, since you have to compete with such p2w players.
  11. Am not maxed but am trying to be... really ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing hard, and it kinda annoyed me that an item that's limited to 1 time per week (the blood roses) necessary to upgrade weapon, were just put on f10 like that for people to be able to buy them :D I dont care about cosmetics or how people obtain gold, am making easy 10k gold a week from sell raids + BGs. I raided ET since release and some1 who just bought weapon, can max his weapon before me. How's that even minimally fair?
  12. It's not about not being able to buy it, it's about the insane advantage given. Advantage = easier to win, As far as am concerned. Which, in a competitive game, is a huge factor.
  13. Dude, you have the IQ of a cockroach, not gonna bother arguing with you. Congratz on your characters, when you see that others can do in 1 day what you need 4 months to do just because they pay up, am sure you'll understand the meaning of what's being said here. Till then, reduce yourself to your insignificance please.
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