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  1. Translation: The "easy" in "easy mode" means "difficult".
  2. Pay to win? To win what, aside from a grain of salt? I'd call it pay to lose, like every other form of gambling.
  3. The state has a duty to chasten the wicked and refine the righteous. POETIC JUSTICE!
  4. Somehow I don't think NCWest is that innocent, either. Ah adding the gold cost to the rngbox will certainly "help", so you see they are trying hard! Don't worry, Cricket!
  5. I don't mind paying some money & time for fun. But it has to be fun. Even worse fps in raids like TT, bait-and-switch on white orb and demon spirit stone, adding the gold cost to open the new scambox, and an exclusive double-currency event that is rather useless in the marginal profit to both the well-geared and the undergeared... Now tell me what do I win for paying you? And what is the point of paying to skip playing, if playing is the fun of games?
  6. Just wait for a year until the next server merge, because it may well be merging EU into NA. Or probably a few months.
  7. Nyvva


    Arguing with the famous defender of all decisions and changes in this game? Don't you know that great white knight has been defending NCW and NCS for over 2 years? He's probably paid well to do so, and I guess we shall pay some respect to him. [Press F to pay respect.]
  8. I guess this is the real purpose of double-currency events.
  9. The lesson of this is that you should use or sell all your mats asap in case they do the same thing to other materials you have spent months to grind for.
  10. NCWest wants us to buy more trove keys, and this is why they did it on purpose. Don't be surprised next time all your moonstones, elysian orbs, sacred orbs, moonstones and evolved stones gets useless and you have to buy the new stuff in a future trove.
  11. I guess this is how they keep players busy. It feels like forcing workers to use spoons for digging the ground when you have bulldozers, but it is probably the normal practice for any successful Korean MMO.
  12. Fixing this does not increase their KPI I guess.
  13. OK...are you sure this is the last time? Alright then.
  14. I have observed many times that the soul fighter AI in tower of infinity can maintain the block skill "Chi Cloak" while moving. It is not that I cannot defeat it but this long-lasting bug is really tilting. Is it "working as intended" albeit no player can do this or just another bug NCWest/NCSoft would never ever bother fixing? Do they have this in KR too? Thanks!
  15. The short answer is no. They just presume players are brainless machines susceptible to social engineering.
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