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  1. Hi, yes that worked. thanks.
  2. There are a lot of things that doesnt work in game. I returned from a rather long break to find I cant open some crates with items, and more. 1. Multiple choice boxes, for example the Gunslinger Naryu Sanctum bracelet chest, I pick Tiger and continue, nothing happens when I press confirm in last window. 2. Daily dash, nothing happens when I press the Spin button. 3. Some items in mailbox (received items) cant be retrived. 4. The welcome back bundle was "old" when I retrieved it from mailbox, yet it was due January 2021. So I deleted it. Could be more things. I
  3. Seeing what dungeons and bosses you need to do to get the anniversary tokens, you need to be 55 15-20+ and high Attack Power. So it's not for newer weaker players. If you are not strong enough you will have trouble to join some dungeons. So this event isnt really for everyone. Or am I wrong?
  4. Best option would be if all related quests are automatically added to your list as soon as you enter the dungeon. But I guess that would be to easy and lazy.
  5. What about making it cheaper to upgrade wep/acc, not only by gold, but not being forced to collect a shitload of various materials, some hard to get or has to forge?
  6. Read something about routine maintenance for December 27, where I live it still December 26. They should learn how to add timezones to their messages. Created a new character to test out when it happened, logged badck in and it was on lv 1. Back like 15 levels. Sure hope its not so. Not much but sure is boring to go through it all again.
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