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  1. I'd say most of the players have fps and lag issues. Currently, the whole European playerbase is even obligated to use several modifications in raids to reduce the lags and that still doesn't fix at all. I must say your argument about that is not based on any legitimate shreds of evidence. It's very biased because there is really none who will believe that you have no performance issues and about having no issues in raids really? You must be joking. Ncsoft are you masking yourself to keep brainwashing your foolish spenders or what? Unless you prove it to us that you have no performance issues
  2. There are some reasons for that. As far as I can tell: Zero patience: There are a few who will not wait a few seconds more for people to make it in time at bosses. I've seen it happening in last week's 2 weekly trains already. Mistakes/Experience: Because of being greedy for example trying to be the greatest dpser or any other accident which the failed players themselves will think that these things never really happen to them. Lags: We will never know when a player will complain about lags and it could concern even the players which you prefer to have in your runs. Your favo
  3. As if Ncwest would mess up their big parts of revenue. There are more whales who still uses modifications such as this with unfair advantages.
  4. Not everyone has performance issues with the current game? Lies. I wouldn't even believe that in the slightiest way possible. Show us a player please that has no big framerate drops in Eternal Temple or a massive battle scene but anyway the bigger issue in this discussion is that you are always justifying Ncsoft's perspectives and you are always stating a fact which comes without any legit support alongside. Would you please specify why it makes sense to you that those problems will "very likely" get tackled or even fixed from their resource allocation and cost perspective? Have you checked th
  5. I bet you haven't even checked a video of Frontier Server gameplay. What makes you even claim that it will "LIKELY" fix those aforementioned issues? For PC most likely no according to the playerbase expectation but maybe it will be optimized well for mobiles and why have you been defending the perspectives of Ncosft since 2016???
  6. Bei mir kam es vor zwei Wochen zum selben Fall. Es hatte einfach nur einen anderen Hintergrund und glücklicherweise wurde mein Account nach der Kontaktaufnahme mit "englischen Supporter" wieder freigegeben. Die deutsche Supporter generieren teilweise Antworten, die fast immer gleich sind und zum Teil überhaupt keinen Sinn machen. Das hat man eigentlich auch schon öfters bemerkt und meines Erachtens kann es zu einer Person wie falsche Vorwürfe vorkommen. Es handelte sich bei mir um ein Rückbuchung mit der Kreditkarte von meiner Bank, deren Daten auch gestohlen wurde. Der Dieb nutzte
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