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  1. How much does it cost to buy gems now? Is it still hexa gem for 4 powder or did you lower this aswell or moved it up to hepta gem for 4 powder?
  2. I hope they make keys account bound so you can go and play 6v6 on only 1 character
  3. Can see people going straight up afk just because the first fight was lost and they want fast win on their 0 gear alt just for fast 3000 battle points. Making keys account bound would at least solve the 0 gear issue somehow making the people not 100% useless food ruining games just to somehow leach through for 3000 battle points for those 30 moonstones
  4. People will start joining 6v6 after patch for 3000 battle points or so to get 30 moonstones since you get 1 key from daily and more or less 1 key from daily challenge. Those people will ruin matches or straight up go afk but if instead keys would be account bound they could be send over to mains and so more quality matches would take place since they would care about winning to get those 3000 battle points on mains with actual gear. PLEASE PLEASE make 6v6 keys account bound before patch goes live on 17th!!!
  5. there are special spots where you crash in beluga and ww maybe that gives some clues after respawn when you run to the left or when you take right portan in ww when you respawn and run down and at top core when you die and near mid core when you respawn and in nova core near core when you respawn basically after respawn when you run down the base or take portal or after death near core or near middle core in beluga really want crashes to get fixed sry for this long text Feel free to add some other known spots or con
  6. I am sure alot of people loved to grind Naksun or Soulstone Plains back then when it was rewarding in comparison to any other pve content. Right now doing HM dungeons is by far the most rewarding thing to do but having a solo alternative maybe with another new refreshing map or some new boss that is just as rewarding if not even more rewarding than hm dungeons is key to alot of people that just love solo content and or dont feel like grouping up right now for hard mode dungeons. Having an alternative way of farming in this game gives players a choice without sacrificing efficiency of gain
  7. If you crash on death in 64bit client you count as disconnected in the game BUT still in it and will get full points from that match (5v6 cause it counted you as dc) without losing -20 from that wierd crash. In 32bit the client closes itself upon crash, in 64bit it just freezes
  8. Right now if you close the game after having a crash you lose -20 BUT if you reconnect you keep your lost -20 and can lose additional points (like -17/-25) from the game which result in in INSANE loss of over -35 points or more!!! You should regain -20 points upon successfully reconnecting cause right now this feature does not solve its purpose. Thanks
  9. if you purposely close the game on a lost match you still should lose points as you do now BUT if you reconnect you should regain your 20 lost points obviously lmao
  10. The battleground is beyond broken right now, I played more than 300 in beluga alone and can describe how the games go: First problem is that the match making counts average points. This is a HUGE problem because of two reasons. First of all you can get matched up with your max gear against people who die only because you looked wrong at them while still getting good points (abuseable) and second BIG problem is that if you actually want to que with someone who is much higher than you lets say 1700 ques with 1800 you will have to wait a very long time to actually find a que AND
  11. And fix EVERYTHING once and for all (including premium, proper compensation for everything you messed up today, complete gold for radiants AND canceled server transfers)
  12. Just compensate us with emergency maintenance, maybe then Ill be able to not play this game completely solo as you will be able to fix server transfers
  13. What do you mean by unable to wait until next week, it is just very fun to play clanless alone for one whole week. Guess I just leave it at that, do what you want and keep your nccoins bye.
  14. But I can hope to still receive it in few hours right? I really can not wait until next maint as you can imagine.
  15. And I didn't get my scheduled server transfer even though all the pre requierments were met, Rip
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