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  1. Just now, LuckyAbrams said:


    If Jin? Jin CAN be Warlocks. It's how it was introduced, along with Lyn? What is it with some of you people making it seem like Warlock is a brand new class never before released, and the details are still sparse. 


    Warlock is a Jin and Lyn class only. All Blade and Soul NA is doing is porting that over.


    Western thing really, don't like the idea of Lyn getting warlocks when they already have a summoner (similar class?). 

  2. Yun race for warlocks is a definite must! Just look at the racial portrait for Yun in the character creation, that screams warlock to me! I'll be so disappointed if Jin can be warlocks instead of Yun. Gon is another must and don't even consider adding Lyn warlocks.



  3. Created the character, Jadesoturi, Yun Blade Master. I haven't joined a PvP faction yet, it's no big deal for me which faction I'll join if the guild is awesome. I slightly prefer Cerulean Order though as their outfits look better on my character.



  4. Hello,


    I'm looking for a Finnish Clan on the Windrest server, are there any? I've read from the internet that Windrest is one of the most active servers and during beta there were threads about it also being the preferred server for Finnish players. I've played the game pretty casually since it's western release on another server but now I'm planning on rolling a new character on Windrest.


    I'm 30y old male in IRL so I'm looking for a clan mostly aimed for us grown-ups. I have lots of experience in other MMO's (WoW and others).


    Please contact me in this thread or in game (after I've created the character on Windrest).



  5. Also please fix the servers, I just created a new beautiful alt in the game and as I entered the game and picked up the Hongmoon Suit in the first quest, the servers crashed.


    Please don't blame me from crashing the servers, blame Ncsoft from not having steady enough servers.