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  1. Nothing is true! Everything is permitted! >>ofcourse if you are the one that pay a lot of Euro or Dollars to NC Greed, it that right? @Hime
  2. I'm just curious, How many ppl have quit the game? in order for YOU to notice that such brainless gold reduction and making the game HARDER AND MORE HARDER for players, isn't gonna work? Hope you will realize that you have to come near to the player's whit some cool events, where we can get something, not such event only for the players that cash in your game. To be honest I don't expect much from a team that at 3rd anniversary is releasing an event where you can get an outfit that you have already got for free. That was the most awesome event ever. When I think of it I'm still laughing. You a
  3. Since Blade&Solu, have tourn to a PAY Real Money to Make your Ger up, sadly this is the only way, or you will farm like 1-2 years to be able to make 1 lvl of your item. Nc Soft have invented a new model of P2W, is the model Pay To Upgrade Your Gear. I think that all we have to thank the "awesome" Producer that was to this company, and the one that promises us in the first year that BNS won't turn in a Pay To Win game. He is right is not a Pay To Win game, is a Pay to Upgrade Game :)
  4. Why not see the key we buy like the key for a chest, that allow us to get an item from it for free?
  5. This is my first post on this forum, but I had some time thinking about this treasure trove event from Blade & Soul, I start to feel is a rip off event to the players. Why that? Cuz at first you buy NC Coin whit real money, then you gamble them to a trove where you can obtain nothing important. And after you open the trove whit the keys you have to pay for the items whit gold, so in my opinion, the trove is a rip off since we have to pay twice to get an item from it. I say it will be fairer if you buy Key whit NC Coins, then you get the right to choose an item from the opened trove for f
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