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  1. Warlock Mushin Tower F7 *need tips*

    Managed to kill him again :) I use my Thrall to charge and stun for 2 sec, Daze with my "3" and knock up on stunned or dazed enemies and daze on my "4". The CC + Combining "Z" Rank 3 + Dmg resist 6 sec pot it wasn't too bad! But thank you for all your tips! I'll try and get them into what I've done so far and see if it goes even better! Appreciated, again thank you!
  2. Warlock Mushin Tower F7 *need tips*

    Yeah, and all of them are asians fighting the boss with 299k HP and not 582k that NA/EU has + They crit 14-18k with Dragon helix (due to their more powerful gear that aren't even out yet in NA/EU). The "2" abillity right?
  3. Hi! I got my warlock to 45, upgraded my weapon and went for soul shields. I thought I'd try Mushin Tower. Floor 1-6 Was easy and no struggle at all, but when I reached 7th floor hell broke loose. I've tried several different skill tree setups. PvE, PvP, Hybrid and some that i put together myself. But due to the lack of mobility i get rekt pretty easily and it's hard to gain back the lost health. First time i managed to do the floor with my warlock i had to use the damage resist for 6 sec pots and 20k HP pots. As i snare with my "2" he just charges me through it like it's nothing, if i SS away straight away he just charges me again and spam abillities that follow me around. Yes I've used my block a lot. If i block and knock him away he just charges me again. If i block too often i get dazed and *cricket*ed up. My damage output doesnt seem to make up for the lack of mobility, CC that he easily breaks or how squishy a lock is in general. Any tips that could help me out? Skill tree, what i should do, when i should do stuff etc. Anything is appreciated :) -Gear- Weapon: Awakened Siren Razor. Gems : 160 Dmg on attack - 80 Life drain on crit - 90 Dmg when enemy is knocked down - 25 Attack power. Accessory: Awakened Infernal EAR (Stage 10), RING (Stage 10), NECK (Stage 10). Belt: Siren Belt Stage 5. Bracelet: Pirate Bracelet Stage 5. -Stats- 383 Attack Power 314 Piercing 787 Accuracy 2327 Critical (48.09%) 660 Critical Dmg (173.04%)
  4. FPS Drops *Any tips?*

    Forgot to mention, my 5 year old computer runs the game with max graphics on 60-90 FPS and not dropping below 30/40 FPS
  5. FPS Drops *Any tips?*

    Thank you! really appreciate it :) I will try it when i use my other computer. I just tried using my 5 year old computer with worse specs than my new one, but this one has windows 7 and my other one has windows 10 and better specs. I think windows 10 really mess it up some how? Again, really appreciate your reply! thank you :)
  6. I've searched and searched and searched and I've tried a lot to fix my FPS problem. I've entered Nvidia control panel, set the priority of the game to High, turned down all graphics and turned them up. Nothing works. I still hit rock bottom 8-20 FPS so damn often and it's gotten worse after every maintenance update. Nvidia GeForce 940M i5 Core - 4210U 1.7 GHz - turbo boost up to 2.7 GHz >< (no idea how to turbo boost tho). 8GB Ram Please post any possible solutions that might help! :)
  7. So BNS User reviews are bad...

    The problem is NCsoft. They don't care for shit about their customers. All they care about is scamming money from their customers and not helping them. Letting hackers and bots control the game and earn more money than NCsoft themselves on selling gold due to the *cricket*ed up system NCsoft has provided. The game is fun and great, but I'd blame NCsoft more than the community. NCsoft is known for killing MMOs in less than 2-3 months. They need to change staff and employees or else they'll just keep killing games like the spanish flue
  8. NCscam

    Yup.... The questing is a nightmare.. Especially scorching sands / cinder.. Takes ages to run around and boring as hell :p but i gotta do it.. It's worth it when I'm done. Only soulstones will make a damn good profit every day :> Ouch.. :s
  9. NCscam

    Yup... They raped Wildstar in less than 2 months... Only thing they did a decent job with was Guild Wars. Heard about other games they ruined too. Pretty F'ed up that NCsoft get to even host games like BnD for NA and EU lol.. Ye, spent a lot myself on this game too. But figured out that no more. Just gonna level up characters to 45 instead, do dailys and grind the gold that way + solo brightstone. Warlock coming out march 2nd so gold will be needed lol.. All I'm waiting for now is server transfer, since Twin Wagons is so damn dead mostly through out the day.
  10. NCscam

    Why would i delete cosmetic weapons when my alts were level 10 and 14. I was gonna level them up after my blade master and asssassin. The items just disappeared and NCsoft should get a seat on Donald Trumps lap. The game is really good, but holy crap. NCsoft is one of the worst of the worst I've seen in my entire life when it comes to games. Even mobile apps got better customer support.. Sigh.. Looks like it's a lost cause then i guess.
  11. NCscam

    Well if I'm getting perma banned I'll make sure my bank get back every single penny. I asked them nicely in my ticket about getting help, if they could restore the items or refund or whatever, i just wanted help with sorting out the problem. They didn't want to do either of those things. They said "Won't restore the item" at the end of the reply that i got.
  12. NCscam

    No idea.. Older than 7 days and they didn't want to do anything at all.. Each weapon cosmetic cost 960 Ncoins.. 1920 Ncoins total just taken away from me. I sent them an email back saying that its not acceptable, and asked if i had to contact my bank and force a refund for irl money instead of they just refunding the cosmetics or Ncoins.