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  1. Blood in the water quest

    I would like to know how did you sort it as well
  2. RIP Servers again

    Let's be patient guyss, I have played TERA, GF sucks hard. NCsoft is not a bad company,I played GW2 for over a year. They were doing pretty good job. Let's see if they will improve or fail...
  3. RIP Servers again

    I created a new char on NA, With premium active which is cool, But lag :/ ... tryin to get some WTFAST!!! Hope that works out
  4. RIP Servers again

    GG, what is the cause i wonder, are they bein ddos by some kind of hackers? lol
  5. Servers crashed ?!

    At least give us some kind of compensation!
  6. Servers crashed ?!

    ncSoft is a good firm, hope they will save this game :D
  7. Servers crashed ?!

    Lol yeah, speedhacks- bots- crafting bots- GG BNS :P
  8. Servers crashed ?!

    Did WE LOST EU SERVER, or it is just me ? :D ddos'd?