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  1. Snowflake Crystals

    Hello! I have question guys is there any way to farm these crystals? Or how i can get this.
  2. Think what you wanna true is different. Destro and bm is easiest class in current fotm dragontongue meta. These classess don't have any mechanic for now. Better look for classess like soul fighter or kfm and even warlock and after this on Destro.
  3. So funny when destroyer make crying topic. Maybe spin more or take skill required class or atleast class with some mechanic :)?
  4. How is arena pvp these days?

    If you wanna play kfm or another high skill required class - just give up. Now is worst meta the old good BnS not exist anymore. Dragontongue blade masters what can nuke you in 2-5 sec (depends on crit). Or some destroyers who just spin like chicken without heads. If you expecting good and balanced matches chooise another game. To be honest i really miss old BnS where people crying about summoners than current 'balance'. In top 50 you have 11 blade masters on eu server so fotm era.
  5. Why i hate pvp in blade and soul

    Ofc mate pvp there is joke. When i was queued at pvp first time at my lock (i back to game after one year break.) i was fight against 50 level with 12 hm. So fair ye? This matchmaking is joke i understand your frustrate new players have terrible first pvp experience. Even this legendary skill perks (for example bm lighting draw one -.-) give so much advantate. For now we have after changes immune to all spinning destro who nuke you with ani cancel and high skilled dragontongue bm. Classess like kfm or warlock are totally forgoten now.
  6. BM Fire build in PvP

    I remember this game after release where i struggling hard on 45 lvl to 1700 rating at bm when he was unplayable. I was so proud when i get this.. This class required skill but now? This dragontongue thing is the biggest joke what i see ever XD
  7. Warlock pvp.

    When warlock back to meta and will be playable? I mean is awesome to have semi summoner/caster class there but for now is brainless Garens i mean destroyers and dragontongue meta. So just question when we get balance like kr servers? I mean in top 50 we have so much bm,summoners, invisible chickens and destro. In top we have 11 bms and just 3 locks where 2 of them are one player. So 2 locks in top 50 this mean something ye?
  8. Gratz perfect and fair matchmaking.

    I see you people totally don't understand what i mean. Last time i tried to say something on this forum i forgot so many fanboys who think how much skilled they are there. Cya elitist. luckily im not pleb and i have 15 month of sub in wow so i will play really awesome game :) and sub in BnS is ofc canceled farewells :)
  9. Gratz perfect and fair matchmaking.

    Because ALL NORMAL games give chance to all players to have fun on 'fair' pvp. Even this low level pvp. Look on WoW where pvp matchmaking is fair. Look on guild wars 2, Star Wars the Old Republic just ALL GAMES. I like this game but why i can't enjoy on low lvl pvp arenas? I don't care about losing or winning (btw on 20 lvl i won few fights against full 50 levels with 100000000 hm level) i just wanna have fair fights. As i say all good and respected games have fair low lvl pvp so i was expected same here..
  10. Hello this is question to 'wise' developers. Why 20 level need to fight against 50 level with 500000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 hm level on pvp arena? This is joke? on '20 pvp matches' i got in ALL FIGHT people with level cap and ultra op hm.
  11. Server Freeze and DC

    Hello guys i have problem. When i try login i see. Account autherization failure 200. Just me have this problem? Is there any way to fix it?
  12. Question about item shop.

    But Jin and Yun can be blade master. So im really not sure i have hope someone who tried it can answer me.
  13. Hello. Im plan to bought change apperance and i have question about it. When i bought this i will be able to change race? For example change race jin for race yun?
  14. *cricket* assassins.

    Well assassins are really easy to play class. And have retarted mechanic = they can hit you when they are still invisible (lmao what developers think when they create this class). When you try to detect they from aoe you see EVADE EVADE. In all good mmos invisiblity is balanced but in this game is one big joke. Im playing bm and i ALWAYS lose to this class. For example on my fm i dont have any problem with sins, on my kfm too. But BM vs Sin = ALWAYS SIN. Sin mechanic is the biggest counter for bm.