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  1. As the title says, what's this "Whirlwind Valley Frenzy" that's starting in 8 minutes?
  2. WOAH DUDE, SO CRAZY!!! Talk about legendary plays!
  3. I wouldn't doubt Sins have higher overall APM than other classes do
  4. Sounds like another Summoner fight where you just run down the clock
  5. I'm just getting frozen in place for 5 seconds every 10 seconds it seems. I cant stick to them more than half the time without constantly getting frozen in place. and because of ping differences, moving while jumping = out of range FM after they're CC'd because I'm just frozen in place. :(
  6. Can any fellow Assassin help me out? I'm getting eatin alive by FMs now by huge CC combos. I'm having trouble sticking on them seeing as they have 2 stun escapes. I don't remember having this kind of trouble when I hit Plat in 1v1 Arena back in Season 1. Are FMs just that much of a counter to Assassins now, or am I missing something?
  7. Anyone know if there'll be a new AP Diamond Gem some time soon?
  8. Professions and knowing Marketplace values will be your #1 source of in-come. If you can master those 2 things, you'll be doing well with day-to-day in-come on making Gold.
  9. Should have named your character Alex, it could go both ways
  10. I've opened 42 bags so far, and in total I've gotten 12 Green Gins and 1 Blue. In total I've spent 210g, and I've won 220. My very first day on opening them, my 2nd bag has a Blue Gin in it that's worth 100g. Without that, I'd be in a huge negative right now.
  11. Moonstones have always been in the shop, you just never realized it. It's essentially no difference between buying Moonstones in the shop and buying Gold with Ncoin to buy Moonstones with.
  12. Ever since I came back to the game a little over a month ago, I've noticed throughout playing that my game seems to lose connection and then gets picked back up during the middle of playing. It seems to have been worse these last 2 weeks or so, and especially on Boss fights in dungeons or open-world content where multiple people are using all their abilities at once. Is there any way I can check and see if my connection between my end to the game server is having trouble or not?
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