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    • There will be these blue and red "flowers" that spawns on the ground, 3 at a time. So 3 blue and 3 red. What you want to do is grab 1 (assuming you're doing 6-man) flower of the opposite color of what snake lady you're assigned to.

    • So say you're attacking blue snake lady, then you need to grab 1 red flower when it spawns. After about ~10sec of flowers spawning, any flowers remaining on the ground will be eaten by the boss and they gain health from it. Having the opposite color of flower from the snake lady you're attacking is a must for this encounter or else you'll die.

    • Do this until you have 3 stacks of a flower color. Once you have 3 stacks of a flower color, you need to swap flowers. If you get 4 stacks of a flower color, you pretty much die.

    • So, the flowchart would be something like this:

    • You attack blue snake lady, grab 1 red flower as soon as it spawns (just run over it). Keep attacking blue snake lady until you have 3 stacks of red flower. When this happens, take a blue flower next time flowers spawn and attack red snake lady instead of blue.

  1. 4 minutes ago, Farrangis said:

    Holy Cricket! 


    I visit the forum just now to see how's everyone doing and holy cricket. This community is still as toxic as ever.


    I am fully aware of the incapability of NCWest Dev team but holy cricket dudes. You are not gonna die if you can't play for a day. Calm the cricket down for cricket sake. You guys don't have a life? Sitting at home all day just to wait for the maintenance to be over? What happen to all the beautiful world outside, all the exercises you can do. And moreover, follow the trend, go outside and play some cricket-ing Pokemon Go duhhhhhh! 


    7 months has passed and I still see the complaint of server maintenance and compensation lol. Your PREMIUM is holy cricket-ing big man. It's so big that one day of your premium go into waste and this world is gonna collapse. I pity all the players who keep on saying compensate this and compensate that for like 8 hour of maintenance time that your so big called "premium" is wasted.


    I bought 1 year worth of premium when they first had the promotion + master pack 3 months premium and I left the game 2 months in. Your 1 day is holy cricket big. It's so big that I can't even describe it.


    One final word, git a life and leave the care to NCWest ;)



    GIT A LIFE!!! twice :D

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