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  1. Bot KFMs

    Hacker/botter spotted.
  2. Warlock nerf

    So you're a plat Warlock?
  3. Warlock nerf

    99% of PVP threads. "Omg. I suck at this class so it must be bad." Dear god. If people fought as much as they whined, I'm sure they'd be good.
  4. Answered

    Not knowing you, I'd guess that you didn't talk enough/interact with the clan enough.
  5. Giving up

    Can you buy Brilliant keys with HMC? Either way, it's just RNG. Seems silly to quit over this. I think what you should really be complaining about is the bots that make the grind more exasperating.
  6. Idea to fix bots

    I'd hate having to do a verification every fight/level up.
  7. So glad I have never used my card to purchase things from NCsoft. Thank god for currency exchange. P.S. Sorry to hear about that. I wonder how they got around your pin.
  8. Account Hacked . Need assistance .

    I feel for the hacked, I was almost hacked but for some reason all my gear/items were still there. BUT, can we do something about those player names? We shouldn't be advertising bot sites.
  9. The balance is real!

    You need to read your skills. That's a mistake I didn't do when I was first playing. The skills I listed will have specific tiers that grant the stun. Go at least that far. Also take SS, which will put you in Draw Stance when you use it. Here's a rough build: https://gyazo.com/4c5123d7c28fcbdbb0949724c3c0b5b9 Notes: It should leave you with 4 SP left over. I have a bit more because I'm HM3 on my BM. If you're good at chi management, you can take the 4 from Chi and move around to fit your tastes. Also, you'll need 1 more SP in your Esc Tab, either to stun or to escape phantom, depending on your matchup. Hopefully that'll get you started.
  10. The balance is real!

    You didn't bother reading, did you? The only time I mentioned level 50 content was when I was saying you'd be concerned about Sin/KFM come that patch, instead of summoner like we have. Literally, everything else was about 45 content. Also, the patch will come, whether button mashers like it or not. The point is you act like you're helpless, when you're not. Know what I'm tired about? People crying on forums because they pick a class and it's not to their liking and instead of practicing their class, cry about it. No class is a good matchup against summoner, with the exception of Warlock. That means you'll get a tough fight 1/7 times. Every other fight is winnable.
  11. How dead is this game already?

    There are a ton of bots. This isn't really up for debate. I'm still fighting them in arena. Also farmed three different bots today for dailies. These were under 45, so I'm guessing they were recently created. I've also seen HM2 ones.
  12. The balance is real!

    As a BM with so many closing moves, you shouldn't let a fight go that long. You can also play the spacing game. Z and 3's CD isn't terrible. People often aren't expecting to be pulled into a KD. Besides, it's a good few seconds of immunity, so it's not really moot. It's handy for throwing up while you combo a summoner's pet, from what the experienced players say. You need to make sure you build your character for CC moves/utility. If spec'd, your 1 stuns the first .5 seconds. Your 2 Stuns and closes, Your 3 KDs, Your 4 can stun, but I wouldn't count on that since it takes up a bunch of SP, which we're starved for right now. Your Z can pull the enemy right in front of you and it has incredibly long range. Try to time this for when you see a block. It's helpful against Warlocks. Your X KDs, your C stuns and heals 10% of your HP. Your V doesn't stun, but it calls a large AoE that hits hard and enables your alternate set of attacks. The alternate Z, X, C and V: Z ends it early, X protects against projectiles for a bit, C stuns and V is great for chi restoration. Not sure what you knew and didn't know, but that's the general information for CC/Utility. Oh, I almost forgot. When in Draw, your 2 adds 2 seconds to the status effect, so it basically extends a stun for another 2 seconds. Your 3 can be spec'd to stun them and immediately launch into the air. Your 4 is LD. It can stun, but again, not important. Finally, your LMB (flicker) can stun. Additionally, your Tab escape can stun and your plain tab (can be used in basic or draw stance) can stun.
  13. The balance is real!

    If I recall correctly, the top player in KR was BM. A lot of the things you're complaining about are self-inflicted. Don't hit into the BDs obvious spins and you won't be parried. He doesn't have the ability to throw up a parrty without cost whenever he wants. KFM? Don't hit their counters. Easier said than done? Yeah, but it's still misplay on your end, just like when people hit into our parry. Sins can be annoying, it feels best to play offensively on them, but making sure to not hit into their counters. That can mess you up. I personally SS and get spacing when they blind me. We can also still use our indicator to see them, it's not like we're literally blind. Summoners I agree are a very hard matchup. I'm still trying to figure out a good way to battle them, besides the difficult parry. Warlock's? We can burst them down relatively easy. A Z Pull can go a long way, especially if you've forced them to use their tab. That's just screaming a bladecall combo. Z --> 3 --> 2 --> V --> C --> 4 --> Flicker or Q --> Flicker --> X + V then Z to put them away --> C for 10% HP and continuing stun, F --> RMB --> LMB. Maybe catch them after with a 3 (FPS) to LMB, LMB. Still leaves you with X and Tab for CC. Destroyers simply don't burst you down in three seconds, even in rage. Often times they get into it as well and leave themselves open for CC. It's not like they're invincible. 3 and X disables fury. Yes, the BM requires more skill generally, but their ceiling is also very high. Level 50 content will make you more concerned with Sins and KFM.
  14. Make nodes random

    Leave party when you spot them.
  15. Friend is quiting because of DC's, so am I

    Hm. I'll be browsing the internet while being unable to connect. Is that on my end? My friend loved this game, but she hasn't been able to play because whatever they did at the last update made the lag horrible for her.