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  1. Can they? I've only encountered a leech once or twice, so I couldn't remember. Ah well, yeah I think the fire is dumb. I like the door much better. It also sounds cooler for effect. xD
  2. Ditto. Fortunately as a BM, everyone expects me to tank anyways, so on the higher dungeons people will wait anyways. Can we talk about what's worse than the fire walls? The orbs that shoot you from inside them. Hory swit. I've gotten near fire to revive somebody, only to be gunned down by a god hiding in the flames. Also, I always thought this was to help prevent leeches. Wasn't it? This way they can't sprint to the end when you finish it and claim the reward?
  3. Are any of you part of Yenwa? Because I haven't experienced any of this that you guys are complaining about, and I'm nearly HM 3.
  4. Oh, I see. My fault, I misread your post. Yeah, I love zipping around on my BM and then dropping a bladecall on the mob while I block.
  5. I think it's great. As a newbie, I don't have to worry about some high level stealing all of my kills. Whoever reaches the mob first, wins.
  6. I'm not sure what server you guys are on, but here in Yunwa I have only ever encountered two toxic people. One was mad we didn't help him with his quest that was also in our dungeon and another was mad because I was trying lab at 376, when he had 374 AP. Other than that, I've pretty much had positive experiences with the community. Random people offering to show me how to ani-cancel, giving me a few silver of their own accord when I was a newbie, helping with dungeons, etc. Runescape's was better, I bet. :P
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