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  1. Ok, so... From I understood... PvP is not balanced because we have patch for further version of the skills, not current one. Still, he doesn't give examples. From my view pvp is fine for the most part of it. I actually enjoy it. I get beaten by every class and can beat every class. The only thing you are right is that patch is not for current skills. The fact is, it doesn't make it imbalanced unless you are clueless and just spam ur skills in pvp. This forum is already fed up with ppl that tend to spend more time crying than trying to play the game.
  2. 5 bucks on Faedden is actually the same person since Account was created within this hour. Nice try, Lup, nice try.
  3. This is the first time I'll write in BnS forum. Lup, thank you for making me enjoy this thread. Best 30 minutes ever! It's rare to find people that obsessed with something that has been in video games for ages and no one complained about, since it's an option. Also, you know this amazing feature of BnS? When you log into the web for the first time it asks you for age. You shouldn't be playing this if you are under 18. I am not implying you are, but for sure your attitude is like a teenage girl going trough a phase. Grow up. Sincerely, thank you again.
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