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  1. Have the same issue, posted 10 items and cancelled all of them, tried to post more but it says daily limit has been reached even though I have premium membership and that's all I've posted for the day. Same thing with my husband when he tried selling in f9 when premium stones were in f10, he couldn't post more than 10 items for the whole day even with premium membership. Snip of me trying it today:
  2. Don't forget, it's pretty much only four times every Wednesday coz you know...good ol' maint :D
  3. maybe you have them blocked in one character and unblocked in another? check f4
  4. This is why I stash lucent/oblivion accessories when I get them from casual purple runs so that when the time comes that I need them I don't have to actively farm for them =_= Also kept the lucent accs I get from story quests
  5. I thought they said in their first stream that they're talking to the devs about extending the thanksgiving event to january next year?
  6. I've actually already sent a ticket about this and they responded, but I don't see them putting it in their "known issues" whatsoever. So the problem is that I don't see anything on the 1 Day graph in Marketplace, it just says "No transaction(s) during selected period". I think it's been about a week now since this bug started. So whenever I check the 1 Week graph, I could only see the trade volume from about 2 days prior to the current one, and same with the 1 Month graph. I'm hoping they fix this in the maintenance today but who knows.
  7. Philippines here on an EU server and same problem lol
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