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  1. I skimmed through this so forgive me if this has been stated already. From skimming through I noticed OP said something like "Who gets to decide If I'm doing enough damage if the boss's HP is at 20%?" I don't think OP fully understands how enrage works. Any boss that has enrage is a DPS check, what a lot of people (I don't know why) gets confused about that, is that they think DPS means damage dealing. No, DPS means damage per SECOND. So you basically have to figure out your rotation to be able to maximize your DAMAGE per SECOND. A bunch of WoW people that have never played an MMO be
  2. It was actually in response to one of his earlier comments about how other people (he thought someone was a f2p player) are ruining the game. It was also in reference to him talking about how he doesn't have time and he doesn't like grinding. (Trying to do multiple quotes and even just quoting the right thing seems almost impossible in this buggy forum) Those were his reasons as to why said items should be on the forum, I just simply stated why his reasons are irrelevant and all choices he made. You basically can't ask a company/genre of something to change for you because your life changed
  3. It's people like YOU that have ruined the MMO industry. People like YOU are why MMOs are nothing but 2 days maxed to end game and then everything is handed to you. MMORPGS are time sinks, they are games that require work, effort and grind. Who cares if YOU don't have time, why are you playing a genre of game with the key feature, grinding, something you don't like? MMORPGS aren't for you. You decided to have 2 kids. You decided to have a wife. You decided to still play MMORPGs when you have very little time.
  4. Blizzard has the best customer support for an MMO I've ever seen. I'm usually not one to rage leave, but if they don't even acknowledge the issue with the game constantly crashing I'm gone. There's no reason to keep wasting money on a product that's going to have issues yet no customer support for it. We don't even have official tech support forums like other MMOs. Player to player support? Seriously? It does not take much to say "We're aware, we're looking into it".
  5. The lack of support is extremely off putting. I feel paying customers should atleast get chat support like with Trion. I can't even play the darn game now, it keeps crashing and there's no way to get a hold of someone that doesn't take 3-5 business days. All the while, my sub is running out waiting on someone to even acknowledge there's an issue. Bugs happen I get this, things break I get that, but when there's no one around, ever?! What kind of business is this? They have like 2 CMS managing all their game forums.
  6. @Hime Can we get any kind of confirmation this is being looked into? Or a fix? Anything?!
  7. I wish their were forum mods or something to actually provide some insight or to be able to assist.
  8. No, I think it's a bug or something. People not using wtfast (including me) are crashing at the character selection screen or as soon as they load into the server.
  9. The servers are back up and I crash once I load into the servers.
  10. Is anyone else having problems with the game constantly crashing?
  11. I'm max level and i'm getting sorta bored. I prefer OWPvP rather than arenas. Open world, people will only put their suits on for dailies, no other time. 1v1s are boring and I don't like the tag team 3s, I prefer the normal 3s. The PvE in this game so far* is too faceroll easy.
  12. Mine keeps crashing once I'm actually in game and past the character selection screen.
  13. For those that are saying put the points in house cat for more HP is that all 3 poitns or?
  14. Did anyone else figure this out? I tried changing the skill points several times. Still no change to my summon's HP. I also tried whispering people in game whose summon has higher HP, but they won't respond.
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