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  1. OMG you said the exact same thing i was thinking this entire time
  2. I apologize. I have a good therapist- she's helped me through a lot. Maybe you can give her a call? People with certain limitations shouldn't be stacked up against other people. I apologize sincerely, Lup. Get better soon.
  3. Lup trust me i'm not mad. I'm just concerned for you. Your logic has my mind in a loop, Lup. As long as you're okay though. ....But maybe just a quick check-up at the doctor's?
  4. Faedden you mad no one noticed you for the last 5 pages? Need some attention? How are you Faedden. I'm proud of you for sticking by your seriously ill friend. You're a trooper.
  5. So what you're saying is... you're autistic? I gotchu Shhh. It'll be okay Lup. *rubs head.
  6. I didn't wanna say it Lup. I don't say the A word often. I gotta wonder though
  7. Yo, Lup, you know how to waste time. You didn't even read the more than page 1 of that thread that you cleave to support your case did you? I gotta hand it to you, somehow you just keep me coming back for more of that stupidity you're dishing out. The suspense as to what your mental condition is is killing me. Are you....taking any medication?
  8. Dude, again, to take what some people say in a thread as the voice of majority of men on this game is absurd. Then to take that and magnify it to support your embarrassingly flawed understanding of visual appeal in both men and women is even more ludicrous.
  9. So, lemme get this straight, they saw boobs and decided they must download this game? What SOLD them on the game were the breasts? Lup... I didn't want to believe you were serious. You have the opportunity now to say " JUST KIDDING" and we will all forget to associate your name with overwhelmingly stubborn ignorance.
  10. I think you really don't understand men or women, honestly. Wherever you are getting your "facts" from you either blew them way out of proportion, didn't comprehend what those men were saying to you, or were being trolled.
  11. Where do I begin. Let's just pick this apart. Porn is also catered to women, that's what you don't get. I don't know the statistics but for arguments sake let's say that men by far consume more porn by women, that does not mean that a LOT of women don't watch porn. Women are more likely to be more covert with things like that but they have a sex drive like men do and they do get off on porn. Now let me explain visuals in books to you. Stories paint pictures. A good book is going to get you to visualize everything that is going on it. You got that? Some people prefer to exercise th
  12. I just have one question. Books don't appeal to visual creatures? Do you know how much time is spent on imagery in books? Human beings are visual creatures. Women care about looks just as much as men do. Don't front. While your stereotypical man might be more likely to have sex because of the way a woman looks than a woman it doesn't mean that women aren't as visual. Women notice the little details in how a man looks. They hit extra zoom on a guy's face to be checking out his eyelashes. They notice sh*t like that the same way the spend hours in a mirror while a guy can throw on a t-shirt
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