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  1. about Jinso story..

    From the current point in the story, we already know about the truth about Jinsoyun's story, so the one they posted is pretty much useless. Plus Namsoyoo is the heiress of the Stratus empire, not the Talus one (her dad was the emperor of Stratus).
  2. Sheepadrawings (very slow art dump)

    Thanks :D indeed the kitty is mainly cute. New progress:
  3. Outfit wishlist

    This this this this this this
  4. Yay finally White Night!

    It would've been cute if the female lyn had a shirt... Bikini top on a loli is just... no :/
  5. Sheepadrawings (very slow art dump)

    Thanks! :D I'm glad you enjoy my drawing. I'm working on another sketch, I really like the white hot outfit, so I will likely draw it more than once on diff chars :3
  6. Hello! I am Sheep and I like to draw but I draw really slowly and I'm lazy lels. This is my summoner and her chubby kitty. Here I will post my BNS WIPs (and associated progress) and eventually completed art. Hope you like them! Ali! My summoner and her phat cat Full size image
  7. Ahh I see, good to know! NCWest team please release this soon~ :3
  8. If someone got a costume during beta, would they get to keep it? I haven't seen anyone in game with this outfit either. I was hoping they would release the costume for Silverfrost to fit the the cold mountain theme.
  9. This: On BNS fashion it says it was in the NC store, but I don't see it in the wardrobe previews. Anyone can confirm if it has been released before?
  10. I've been wanting to buy skill books and gems, and I can get them cheaper on the server vs the marketplace, but I'm reluctant to trade large amounts of gold in fear of getting flagged/banned. I've heard stories of people getting banned for trading large amounts of gold (100-400). Is this still the case?

    I don't think that appears in Cross-server dungeons, as party leader, I tried to kick and AFKer but no such option existed.
  12. Summoner vs Summoner/Force Master

    Against force master at first I run up close enough for kitty to lunge at them, if I don't get the kitty pin down, I root them, put up nettle field, put up doom n' bloom, and sunflower them as I move away from their frontal area so they can't target me back. Once one CC wears off, use another one (2 or C to daze, V to knock down but kitty has to be right next to them). I don't drop the petal storm unless if they've frozen me in place, that's usually when they try to unload the DPS. When I get frozen, I use kitty to try to CC them (C or V or tab lunge if it's up). If they get into my petal storm, I seed shroud to go into stealth and when freeze wears off I get behind them and root, nettle field, etc. If they CC your kitty, stay close to your kitty and they might accidentally hit it and wake it up. Basically I try to get close to them and CC them as much as possible and unload sunflower to the face.
  13. This is a WIP of my summoner and her phat cat :D