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  1. I want the Earthseer outfit, honestly, for my warlock when I make her.
  2. Wow, you are ignorant. Enemies of free expression? That has to be the worst attempt at trying to act superior that I've ever heard, and not only demonstrates a lack of understanding, but shows your utter ignorance on an epic scale. The localization team has nothing to do with what the ESRB decides. Now please, stfu before you continue to embarrass yourself and demonstrate you know nothing of what freedom of expression really means.
  3. Welcome to the inconsistency of rating boards, that like it or not, game companies have to comply with in those regions. Considering the ESRB will give a Teen rating to a game with blood and gore and swear words, but slap an M rating on a game that just happens to have a boob window on a female character should tell you all you need ot know about their inconsistencies. And this swings both ways. Considering in China, WoW had to have all skeletons removed in 2007 to comply with their rating system should tell you it's not just local.
  4. Good job not reading. And oh boy it added some lines but still shows off plenty. Really, keep digging. I've seen the original work, but I also know how the ratings board works in various countries. Get use to it.
  5. Seriously? People are calling that censorship? I mean really, that is still the most sexuallized and it's still barely covered. It isn't censorship. If it was censored there would be nothing showing at all. Now stop, you are embarrassing yourself. Furthermore, changes have to be made based on what the ratings board of the various countries demand. AKA, that's out of NCSoft's hands.
  6. Well, I will have to disagree there. All Guild Wars 2 is moved the goal post, and in most of the side ventures, pulled out the middle man, but otherwise, the questing is still pretty much the same even there. Except there instead of watching a counter, you fill up a bar, same scenario, a few extra repetitive actions on how you do it.
  7. They will always say out dated graphics because it's not using functions like occlusion, tessellation, top of the line particle effects that make video cards go in seizures, etc, all that stuff modern graphics engines push for but most gamer's never really use if they are looking for the best performance. As far as game play, it's bog standard for any MMO, so I really don't get the list above proclaiming it has an outdated questing system. I have yet to play a modern MMO that still doesn't use the bog standard quest design that was pioneered since Everquest, and refined by WoW.
  8. Statement of outdated graphics is always a hilarious remark to me. While graphics can improve certain situations, making graphics the bleeding edge always dooms games today because there just aren't enough people with the hardware to take advantage of such graphics and thus it ends up being a colossal waste of resources and time. Needless to say, concerning PC Gamer and Game Spot, they both have shady reputations as far as reviewing goes and I rarely trust them.
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