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  1. I thought the first pic was from an anime scene when I viewed it from my phone. Amazing work and everyone as well! Thanks all for sharing, had fun looking at them ^^
  2. I love Lyns, but this one just terrifies me O_O
  3. Lover her eyes and lips, so pretty!
  4. Not my toon, but the Lyn with my KFM matching outfit made me melt and I went paparazzi next to her while she was afk :3 So many cute furbabies on this thread, keep em coming! ❤
  5. She is so precious ❤_❤ And I hear ya, I spent a lot of time with my summoner's makeover eyes too, was worth it (◕‿◕✿)
  6. I'm ready for Warlock please! Preset saved and done.
  7. Gave my baby summoner a makeover ^_^ Shortened her height as well vs the average Lyn height. Now she is pocket size *_*
  8. Haven't been able to play due to thumb finger injury ;-; But I was exited to see the Chickitty outfit, but upset the Lyn version didn't come with it :P NCSoft. So Baka got a makeover while I recover >^_^< Me admiring deh cuteness! Let us take a selfie~
  9. I love the couple shares :) Here is a candid screenie I took while my other half was afk. I prefer my summoner pet, sssh...
  10. My Summoner (Xesta of Hajoon) with her loyal Barrel Panda aka Baka. I love that we have matching star eyes, we're such a perfect match! Cross-eyed Baka, so siily :3 My Kung Fu Master Jin (Sister Xesta of Hajoon). I gave her freckles :)
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