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  1. Wind BD questions

  2. Why is this a thing?

    The main issue is that as you progress further into the game, the main problem is not how much experience you gain, or how much time you throw at the game or even how much money. It's pure and simple ping, even if you have the best gear in the game as a KFM for example, if you cant ani-cancel cause of their servers (so you cant really do anything about it) then you might find yourself getting out dps'ed by someone with way less gear but with a stable ping. For a place like South Korea where there are minimal routing nodes, yeah, ani-canceling is not a problem and is an easily acquired skill, but when you cant possible control the ping spikes, it turns into a hassle.
  3. Why is this a thing?

    This is why I dont understand how this is acceptable to a lot of players. I've seen it affect gameplay lots of times, like seeing a Destro with full VT gear barely managing to keep up with a gunner with not even mediocre gear, or KFM's, or any class that needs constant ani-cancel. The thing isnt a big deal at start, but as you progress and find out that your real limit is not how much you swipe or how much time and experience you gain, or even how much you grind, but ... freaking ping? I mean when ping is responsible for a dps drop at best of 15% to almost 50% in some cases, I for one think some changes need to be done to the gamestyle itself.
  4. Why is this a thing?

    Hmmm ... guess I'm the only one bothered by this. /closed I guess.
  5. Why is this a thing?

    I'm not going to complain about pay2win or even how this game was clearly designed for a homogeneous society or even about how the servers keep working proper today and then lagging the next day. Let's talk about the existence of "animation canceling". Why is this a thing? In a game poorly optimized graphically (as in running kind of wonky even on high end rigs and needing a lot of fine tuning to get it to work proper) and with a high reliance on ping? I mean if you are a bit behind, you can fight with your wallet and get ahead, but if you got shit ping then you have no options. Just like their famous system of putting a RNG behind another RNG, it's the same with animation canceling, it's a stupid gimmick hidden behind ping issues. It just pisses me off that certain really fun classes can't be played PROPER with high ping (or even low ping that is inconsistent like I have) because of this unfair mechanic that somehow got acknowledged as a THING that is needed to be top dog. Again, the gimmick itself would not be a problem by itself, but when combined with random fps drops and a ping that is stable now and then jumps all over the place the next making it super inconsistent why are we holding this to such high regard? Can't we just have proper combo's that when linked in a certain order deal exponentially grater amounts of damage and just get rid of this crap system where having the right rhythm in your 2RF or RMB+F+4 or whatever other combo that needs to be animation canceled makes the difference between a player you want and one that is subpar?
  6. DKV shows complete but no reward

    Well, haven't really died yet in a dungeon like this, so didn't really know that was going to ahppen. As for the resets, it was obviously my fault, after the lagg I just wanted to get up real fast to help out, and instead ended up *-ing myself. Guess it's a lesson learned.
  7. So yeah, was doing DKV and got really laggy all of a sudden, missed my poison reset and then like a dumbass pressed the 4 key. Got owned, as I was respawning, they killed the giant white puppy and the dungeon shows as complete but I did not get the reward or the weekly bonus. I donno if it's fair considering it's a once a week dungeon but that's life. Anyway, be careful not to *-up like me. P.S. : Used the search function trying to see if anyone mentioned this happening, didn't find anything, so ...yeah.
  8. How is this fair?

    So I guess, the only options are either : 1. Join them and let others do the dungeon while I read on my Kindle 2. Struggle to record/screenshot, document their behaviour and maybe eventually after a while they might get banned for 1 or 2,3 days. Sure, that sounds great. I'll just start doing the first one, might as well join the afking HM12+ with epic weapons that would rather afk than fight and help out in the dungeon.
  9. How is this fair?

    So as a returning player, I need to struggle thru the content (and I'm not complaining about that) and most dungeons have insanely high AP req, I really need to struggle until I find a party to take me in the freaking purple dungeons. And then we have the high level HM 11+ with raven weapons and soulshields afking dungeons like Gloom and then taking all the drops away from a bunch of HM 5 to 9 with 700 AP, while them with over 900 have stood afk the entire time. So I ask you, how is this fair? I returned after a long time. How is this idiotic behaviour still not punished or at least punishable in any way?
  10. Repetitive Strain Injury - Dev Request

    For most classes it isn't really an issue. The only class that is IMO annoying is for the Destroyer, where animation canceling is actually a big deal. There are other classes that use animation canceling but I found destroyer to be the most gruesome on my hands.