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  1. Haters gonna hate. :)
  2. Golden Deva weapons from early level

    I'm not talking about the "oh my god this game sucks because the new players don't get better weapons" you must misunderstand me. :) I'm talking about that the weapons are pretty weak, especially compared to the golden deva weapons. I'm an experienced player (just with a fresh character after the patch) so I'm totally okay with this, but a new player might find the early leveling too hard/slow/boring, while the end-game dungeons and weapon evolving are much more fun IMHO.
  3. Golden Deva weapons from early level

    I see, thanks! So every character who has Golden Deva was created before the patch? I started a fresh character after the patch to see how can a new player progress through the game. And the current evolution is really-really wrong. The leveling is way too slow (and hard for those players who don't know the game yet). Edit: Yea, I found it: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/evolution-streamlining/ but this is unbalanced. Bamboo Guard weapon until the Blackram insta? The Golden Deva by itself gives the "old players" 89 AP. My total AP is 36 atm. "Good job" NC :(
  4. Hi, So I've seen some people running around with a Golden Deva weapon from lvl7 and I'm still using my useless Bamboo Guard weapon. Is this actually intended? And how can they get their weapons? It's untradeable AFAIK.
  5. +1 for mouse cursor. Related:
  6. Old weapon Salvage / cursor problems

    +1 for mouse cursor
  7. 60+ chests = 0 Bagle WTF?:D

    I know that feeling. It seems that the class-specific weapon "drop rate" is lower for the class itself. :D For my KFM I got like 5-6 bangle, 0 gauntlet, my FM got 5-6 gauntlet and 0 bangle from about 20 box. RNG-hell! :(
  8. Which vortex?

    Against bosses if you know the attack pattern, the parry is better. However 0,5 sec is a really low duration so you have to press it in the right time. If you have a bit higher latency, the defense-variant is recommended.
  9. Changing Servers

    Bump We definetly need the server change ability! The Spirit's Rest has already have queue because tons of players started their character in the "current newest" server. As a software engineer I know that implementing this functionality is not as a big deal as NCSoft says. Especially if all of the servers are the same.