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  1. Plz god no more... my ears can't take it

    So what excuse has NCS presented for the amateurish voice acting ?
  2. So kung fu masters

    The more I think about it the more I am convinced OP is complaining about Elbow Smash. And as described above, it has a metric-fk-ton of problems, most important being it's not free, followed by low damage, melee exclusive, short window for actual activation.
  3. So kung fu masters

    Rising dragons animation can not be cancelled , it does about 4 spins on the spot , 2 meters up in the air , if it connects the KFM is healed for 10% so their HP goes up visibly and you get knocked back two screens then knocked down for half an hour. Flurry does 5 charges , left punch, right punch , left punch , right punch , kidney punch, so it teleports on your ass every 0.2 seconds. Animation can be cancelled, it does less dps then regular burst combos, so the KFM can let flurry hit twice then continue with melee pain. I forgot, the offensive counter provides free damage resistance for one attack for one second IF the incoming initial attack is countered. This would be the only form of "permanent resistance" but it requires that the offensive counter connect. Basically, if the KFM swings at empty air he does not counter, however if he connects he gets a very short, 0.3 window to counter, and if he is attacked in that window of time, even with pierces defense, he retaliates automatically with Twin Cobra which does potato damage and gets resistance (the ghost) for one second for one attack. This is because "pierces defense" is not defense cancel, it only applies the effects of the skill, regardless of the enemies form of protection, if the enemy blocks with a stun you hit him (and stun him if that's what your pierces defense skill does) but his blocks/counters effects is also applied. So yeah, if you get an Elbow Smash KFM just keep a little distance. 4-8 meters. This offensive counter is not free, unlike the defensive one, denies Avenging Fist so the KFM has one less charge, so it can't be spammed successfully and makes the KFM sluggish.
  4. So kung fu masters

    The ghost is the resit from trinket 30sec cd (0.8 sec duration), backstep 8 sec cd (0.3 sec duration), Q/E 12 and 12 cd (0.3 sec duration), flurry 30 sec cd (the duration of resists is 0.8 seconds, actual in game resist duration is about 0.5 seconds, 3 of the 5 attacks ) , Rising dragon if specced (0.4 sec duration) with 30 sec cd.
  5. So kung fu masters

    Pierces defense; use abilities with this property when you are unsure. Stay farther away then 3 meters (or behind) when possible to deny the Q-E invul frames. Their 5 hit Flurry provides immunity only for the 3 or so attacks (0.8 seconds). Their Counter has a channel of about 0.9 seconds with a 1.3 second cooldown. With average lag their protection is down half the time when chaining counter. Might want to increase the "other player effects" so you can see the big and obvious counter animation. Their backstep charge has a 9 meter minimum range, so the sweetspot to stay against KFM is 4-8 meters away. Similar to WoW BC hunter deadzone.
  6. Game-Server Latency Issue Report Thread

    Exact same issue, playing arena is unbearable.

    So basically, rich with a big car but small donger, gotcha.
  8. So where is my archer class

    Force Master.
  9. Let's find our favorite outfit

    I spend like three hours looking up models, body builders, actors, proportions. Painstakingly mold my character. And in game NCS goes "NOPE" and takes a dump on my enjoyment of the game.
  10. Let's find our favorite outfit

    The costume I want to buy and use is not even in the game right now. It's the last costume in the character creator for Jin. ALSO, WHY THE FK ARE COSTUMES CHANGING BREAST SIZES, THIGH SIZES, WAIST SIZES. WHY ARE COSTUMES CHANGING THE PROPORTIONS OF MY CHARACTER FROM SWEET TO IDIOTIC.

    That's soo sexist , where's my bulge and nip slider for females ? Where's my chest slider for the furry rodent ?!
  12. Thoughts so far

    A large amount of people are sheeple, nothing new. It happens in every game with a modicum of depth, it's usually called "a meta". So clueless player A asks knowledgeable player B what to spec, what hero to choose, what talents to pick, what deck to build, what spot to grind etc. and knowledgeable player B says "the meta is such and such, go there, do that, pick this hero, pick those talents", the average player provides no innovation, only copy-pasta, hence the meta.
  13. Thoughts so far

    This is not a religion. There is no mysticism involved. Try it for yourself. It's hard to convince someone who's driving a car with square wheels that round wheels are better.
  14. Thoughts so far

    Why use a bad ani-cancel skill when you can use several other good ones ? LMB itself has a "channel time" of like 0.3 seconds , preventing any other skills from being used , the kick also roots you in place. It's just a terribly designed abomination.
  15. Thoughts so far

    KFM is the only class that gets no benefit from left click, putting any points and using left click at all during a fight after lvl 20 makes you "bad". Regarding Sins, the blind does not actually prevent you from killing them, the blinded player is not incapacitated. All contextual information is still perfectly visible. The KFM has 7 charges, half of which pierce direct and passive defenses, coupled with Armbar you can pretty much force any one into a brawl, even if they don't really want to. With 20 ping , KFM can do upwards of 50 weapon damage / second , that's the equivalent of 50 unmoded left clicks from any class. In PVP I played only 10 games, lost one to server DC , won the rest. It's outrageously easy to send someone from Hero to Zero if you ping is decent, but I get like 250 ping so I just stopped ... I just don't have the patience to play on a connection worse then what I had in 1992.