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  1. a good way to fix this would be to fix the damn match making system. its been crap ever since WW V was released years ago. why cant they take the gear u have equiped and give it a gear score plus your current elo put them together to give u an overall rating. (and the gear u enter BGs with u cant change once in match.) this will make the BGs more competitive and fun. since u wont have these super whales deranking in order to get easy wins. and if BGs are fun more people will do them. and the more people doing them the more moonstones go to market.
  2. hey devs can u make an event and in the rewards tab let us choose from one of the past costume design contest winners like the dragonfly outift / hair and the alice in wonderland outfit set.
  3. im annoyed that the resets that i actually spent cash money on were just taken away for 1 copper isnt that a bit ***
  4. this matching system is seriously flawed I'm ranked at like 1780 elo and I'm being put on teams with like 3 or 4 silvers and then since there trash the team loses and I end up losing a shit ton of elo. this is really getting frustrating. since this is a super easy fix I mean all they have to do is make it so like u wont get matched with anyone that less then or greater then 100 elo points of ur own. also who thinks it would be nice if we could set like requirments to join a wwv lobby or team or something like only people with xxxx amount of crit defence can join this lobby for this
  5. ok so who else in this game thinks it would be cool to have a pet for ur pet. and also possibly accessories for ur pet's pet?? I mean an otter with a pet otter? what?!?!?!?! with a top hat what!?!?!? that would be so cool. and not only is this something cool but the whales need a more ways to spend there money and so the plight of the whale will be closer to solved. its a win win!!! please leave any and all feedback thankyou and have a nice day
  6. so why the hell does the poh outfit look different on a lyn that's so dumb I want my lyn to have the same outfit as poh but noooo it makes it into a skirt and crap I want the red sash on the side and the wrist things and the boots look awesome too. u guys need to change this cause if I cant have this game play smoothly and I have to deal with all this lag and crap then at least id like my char to look the way I want I mean shit Ive paid u guys enough money for skins and other crap that it should be a smoother running game example I don't go to the BMW dealership and say here I'm go
  7. even with the currency exchange it costs a hell of a lot of money to get any real amount of gold to upgrade man do some math before u *cricket* sarcasticly
  8. ok so ever since a few days ago ive been getting crazy laggg I mean crazy lag and its the kind of lag where my character just stands there looking at monsters while I try to attack and then all the sudden it stops lagging and everything that was supposed to have happen while it was lagging happens in like 2 seconds and I'm either dead or I managed to somehow survive this also goes on during arena pvp and that makes it almost impossible to win I'm so close to gold but nope not now not with this new lag issue and during tag matchs its even worse when I'm spectating it looks like the people dueli
  9. didn't you know???? the end boss in this game is the lag monster/disconnect window and he is massively op
  10. I don't knkow I see where everyone is coming from with this being opposed to but also at the time its was kinda nice cause I had some ncoin left that I didn't know what to spend it on and so I got a couple box's I even got the padded coat but yea these kind of things can ruin a game very quickly I feel if there gonna have these then they gotta make everything u get in the boxes sellable on AH so that anyone can use in game gold to buy the stuff
  11. yea that sucks try buying something from the store to see if its just a visual error otherwise ur just gonna have to wait for them to reply ur ticket https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us/categories/200424555-Billing-Support check that link see if it helps
  12. have u tried logging out and back in and make a ticket man talk to customer support
  13. hey so why can't you guys make the skins for weapons saveable or something once weve skinned it to our current weapon like if I skin my sword into razortusk sword and then I deciede I want to do a different one and reskin it I should be able to go back to the razortusk skin anytime I want but instead I would if have to pay up to 90 silver to glamour my weapon again and that's with a 55% weapon glamour discount. or atleast the skins u buy in the store should be saveable I mean if I wanna change my weapon skin now ive just wasted 900 some ncoin or however much it was to get that skin.
  14. you should only be opening chest that contain the weapon u need for breakthrough and u should only be unsealing the weapons u need for breakthrough if u do anything others ur wasting ur keys/charms
  15. there will probly be future use for insignias in later content maybe and those necklaces cant even be bought till u rank up to general first class I think it is
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