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  1. I don't even know why I'm posting these.
  2. Not usually into thick myself but holy damn I'd tap that so, so hard. I'm saving these, if you don't mind, and even if you'd mind. Rolled another KFM myself, Geumankeun Seonsaeng is his name.
  3. Voice packs yes, like you already discovered. But the reason why the textual translation is subpar too, a failed translation, is because the localization team is mostly consisting of petty social justice weasels who got butthurt that gamergate is still up and strong, players not buying to boohoo agenda of falsehoods, so they resolted to memespouting. It also seems they can't make up their mind. Years and years crying for diverese and different characters and personalities, and now that they got at least some in the form of vile people that aren't your that-normal-MMO-ba
  4. He looks confused, like he doesen't really know what the *cricket* is he doing there, or what to do.
  5. Still the best looking Gon EU. Though this is my alt
  6. You're in the wrong game. Here Besides, rather "cancerous scum" than a feelings fighter that is worthless by All standards.
  7. Freedom of choice > feelings. Always, no exceptions.
  8. Too bad, use Ctrl+F. Just because you don't like it, doesen't mean everyone should suffer because of your selfishness.
  9. Then don't look at them, don't pay attention. That is Your problem, not the one's who likes big tits.
  10. NONSENSE! Off with such mentaility, nowhere was your post toxic. Never apologize, never bow down, always laugh at the claims of "offense". The only thing that post did is draw out idiots who don't know the meaning of curvy. I'm with you here, more body shape sliders in general would be nothing but a good thing.
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