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  1. Rough Customer to F10, please. No boxes, just direct purchase. Put a premium on it if you really 'must' but that's a small price to pay for a qurantee.
  2. Yeah because nothing says "help to catch up" like oile prices 700g a pop and constantly rising, or nerfing the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out free honing oil gains. Larke said the best, NC's attitude is 'either shekel up gear purchases, or get the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out of our game'.
  3. Highest chara just lv50 hm7. What's the game's health? How P2W the game became, is it even possible to realistically and plausibly progress anymore without ponying up and not get kicked out of dungeons? Please, be honest. Zealotry is easily smelled.
  4. I'm starting to like the full Stinger set.
  5. Fite me m8, Ima woop yo ass with a stick!
  6. Did I hear someone say Macross? Cause I think I heard someone say Macross. http://webm.land/media/XlHY.webm
  7. ^ Regium Corvus on a female Lyn, there is no bigger waste in this game.
  8. Looks good enough on Male Lyn, but there is no bigger waste for Corvus than a Fem Lyn.
  9. Reposting the same Gold/Purple/Black in atleast a bit better resolution.
  10. I find this kinda characters more towards funny honestly. Gotta hand that salute for those who do vary it up with this kinda stuff, cause I couldn't in no way play that kinda toon.
  11. I fell in love again with something as common as Pure Evil after burning the Voidshocks from Lab. The combination of Gold, Purple and Black is love.
  12. Dropped a week or so back on the 13th try, that day wasn't gladly a Friday.
  13. No, it says "The only thing I regret in my life, was meeting you", softly whispered with a hint of hate.
  14. Looks good on femjin, but I'm hoping for new weapon skins better than costumes.
  15. Those video labels are a funny way to say PG13.
  16. I must know as well. Fokin EU, always getting the short stick.
  17. What in the world is THAT!? Some hybrid abomination of MP43 and M1A1. Please, kill it swiftly, it deserves to get released of its pain.
  18. Can I have the character data file..? She's goergous!
  19. Some unused twats, perharps failures in their own right.
  20. Withing this game world, she is most definetly unique, I give you that. But unique is not always a good thing.
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