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  1. Outfits in f10

    Rough Customer to F10, please. No boxes, just direct purchase. Put a premium on it if you really 'must' but that's a small price to pay for a qurantee.
  2. About Soul and Cost Reduction

    Yeah because nothing says "help to catch up" like oile prices 700g a pop and constantly rising, or nerfing the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out free honing oil gains. Larke said the best, NC's attitude is 'either shekel up gear purchases, or get the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out of our game'.
  3. Returning after 3 years.

    Highest chara just lv50 hm7. What's the game's health? How P2W the game became, is it even possible to realistically and plausibly progress anymore without ponying up and not get kicked out of dungeons? Please, be honest. Zealotry is easily smelled.
  4. why is zulia censored?

    It's always the same, same old story. "Oh I love his work, oh I support his artistical freedom to express his work how he likes, but oh I fully support cencoring of his work too because muh fifis and can't deal with PEGI7 rated content." It makes you a hypocrite, a bandwagon-fan, kind of like those Doom and Quake fans pretending have stood with the series since their dawn, while in reality, only ever touched some nuDOOM for an hour session at E3.
  5. Balrok's Shadow

    Does it even exist in the game, or on the Wheel atleast? Because I don't think it does Being rare is one thing, RNG hell is another.
  6. Pay 2 Win Confirmed

    Getting barely 40 if I do all purples, and 24p who-gets-the-mobs-first festivals. So yeah, I'd love to know exactly to get +100g a day even when investing time on.
  7. Balrok's Shadow

    Still no suit adonrment @RukkiriiPlease, just give that item to me already ffs, this is way, Way beyond ridiculous. You have got to tone this RNG down.
  8. You had one job, NC.

    Took 4 years to "westernize" the game, but that one thing, that most important of them all, remains unchanged. Toning down RNG is a must, and biasing towards indexed fixed rate mechanic. THAT is the most important job in westernizing Any MMO. I've ran Tomb Of Exiles close to 90 times now, out of those runs, only 8 Spider Matriarch spawns have occured, and none of them have resulted in the cosmetic drop. Is this your idea of "enjoyable changes for western markets"? Get real, how long were you planning to keep achievers on the game?
  9. You had one job, NC.

    Confirmed for never, ever played a western rocket propelled grenade. By all means, of course consecutive runs to farm become easier with upgraded virtual hardware on those buttcheecks, but do you know what makes a fixed rate system objectively superior as opposed to RNG? Well I'll tell you anyways; Because with a fixed rate mechanic, it doesen't matter how low you drag the droprate, it's for a reason often sub-1% for rarity ware. This means you will always, eventually, get rewarded for your work. Yes it will take possibly hundreds of runs, but you know for certain that the item you desire is there, slowly coming for you, just gotta keep your mind at it. This game's design flaws are already dragging it down the same path as ESTSoft, albeit ESTSoft was technically a more competent developer. Years to tailor for western markets, and missing half the foundation. It is also the reason why Ragnarok was a failure in the west, nothing more than a virtual social room with combat, and only good for pixel porn. @Hime @Avenger Do you sell luck in this game? Because if you, let me know.
  10. is GameGuard working?

    It hasn't worked since Cabal Online.
  11. You had one job, NC.

    Lazy coding and forgetting one the primary cornerstones of making an enjoyable core mechanic in the west? Yes, that most certainly is on NC. Which really is a shame. The game's packed with great ideas and nice practical design choices, yet falls to the very same, simple failures as any other eastern MMO. Such a wasted potential.
  12. How is KFM after lvl 50 patch?

    Getting the short stick, as usual.
  13. Iksanun server clears Wyrm !!!

    Wait what, killing BW is an achievement nowdays? It's always been clearable easy enough with organizing.
  14. Show off your characters!!

    I'm starting to like the full Stinger set.
  15. Why are Summoners shown no love in 50 PvP?

    Man, this thread is comedy gold, or should I say, CC platinum.
  16. Tried transmuting outfits once, returned with a single fabric piece. Haven't touched outfit transmutation ever since.
  17. Just make the DPS meter personal, only your numbers clock in. Why would it have to be public, after all, it's for "self improvement".
  18. Why are Summoners shown no love in 50 PvP?

    You already have a 2-in-1 with that pussycat of your's. Can't have it all.
  19. Yes, almost everyone's made alts, but honestly, even BF4 single player campaign has more replayability so it's kinda moot point.
  20. Rank 9 prem storage no longer working?!

    It works, just a bit iffy at times. It being broken is usually associated with the same bug that "resets" your prem rank. Reboot client and launcher, and it's back to normal.
  21. RIP Profile Gifs

    You do understand that .gifs have variable sizes that depend on the magnitude of layers used for each frame, right? You also do know that these gifs are first uploaded unto the play server, and then pulled consecutively for each profile that has them, right? Then you also must know that when there are a lot of these huge animated sequences pulled off of the server practically every second, it creates a lot of unnecessary traffic that only hampers everyone, right? Great! Good riddance, if anything.
  22. Honorary Ornament drop rate decreased at Mushins Tower?

    About a week back, in hopes of farming Ornaments for my alts too, and every time the boss appeared reset, starting from Stage 1 so it was very fortunate for this particular purpose.
  23. Honorary Ornament drop rate decreased at Mushins Tower?

    So you can't flip it by going to previous floor by stairs anymore, and then going back to do F8 again? When did this change?
  24. Honorary Ornament drop rate decreased at Mushins Tower?

    The ornament is also farmable. Kill F8-2, exit room and re-enter, kill 8-1 and 8-2, repeat.
  25. Show off your characters!!

    Fite me m8, Ima woop yo ass with a stick!