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  1. i want a chun-li class. DO IT bloodlust. i wanna play a class fighting with bad ass heels
  2. 1) allow for character changing on the fly, remove the need to go back and forth in character selection. 2) picking up guns shouldnt make you brainded, allow for the use of ss and side rolls, somehow picking up a gun restricts so much movements, its not like i'm carrying a heavy machine gun 2.5) picking up items takes forever, pressing f to pick up the stupid horn armor from slashimi takes way to long, same with the guns, you have to stand ontop the item for ahundred years for the game to register that you can pick up the item 3) achievements should be account bound 4)add solak's soul to the merchant in valandria... i threw mine away not knowing it was upgradable
  3. Personal dps meter should show top dps and self dps. That way you can at least compare yourself to the top dps without having anyone else see your dps
  4. 1. Can we remove sin's invisibility from player's perspective, appear invisible to everyone but self, kinda like soul sep but more vivid color. invisibilty tends to bug out some important boss mechanics, like irontech forge shield color, raven king's marks, etc. Also i hate the fact that my cosmetic becomes see-thru /shy
  5. Trove Key Drop Rate

    Did they revert the trove rate? I got 1 crit in 50 keys.
  6. Suggestions

    Other Suggestions: >No PVP in F8 area where people load in. The lag is horrendous during peak hours when two factions want to duke it out. >Account Bound keybinds. Rebinding my key/controls for each alt is kind of annoying >F2 home function displays all the account's character instead of being empty. >New character option to select what neutral poses they will have ingame! I don't really like the neutral pose some of the races have, the Jins and the all the males have decent enough poses. The Forcemaster Gon female have huge clipping issue with their poses that bothers me. >Players 15 and lower should have a free and unlimited appearance alteration coupon. The preview in character creation is great but things look different in gameplay. >Give a very limited stamina to players in combat mode, jumping will consume stamina. This is to help those who need to climb the wall in BSH and stuck in combat mode. This stamina cannot recover if you have taken damage or inflicted damage to something in the last 20 seconds >Return to server option from cross dungeon. Remove the need to go thru a lot of loading screens >An option to change to certain characters from the f2 menu instead of having to go back to character selection screen. Cut the amount of screen loading and switch easier between characters. >Give players the ability to fix skills in the f9 lobby area HM Store: >Increase the amount of non rotating outfits & weapon skin & accessories >Give player the option to rent outfits with a !cheap! service item > >Throwback sale
  7. Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

    It really sucks when I heard that, but I have already thrown in the towel because like you said, they are supporting players who play one character only. I have 4 different chars at lvl 50 hm5+ Dest hm9 600+ ap FM hm 6 500+ ap WL hm 5 450+ ap Sin hm 5 450+ ap
  8. Clunky Combo

    With the new patch to fix the emberstomp issues I now run into a newer annoying bug. Sometimes i cannot cast emberstomp upon fury, other times it will work fine in one transition. I usually go Fury, emberstomp, and smash... now it's just driving me nuts. Maybe it's just me or it's the patch. This class feels soooo buggyyyyy ._.
  9. Gem Hammer changes

    I've noticed it too. Did I miss something they said?
  10. Duplicate Outfits

    One is obtainable thru the dungeon and the other one is from the HM store
  11. Purple tags in the hongmoon store?

    I'm guessing it has something to do with a popular item being bought, it's not as popular as items that are tagged "hot" but you get it.
  12. A VERY important question

  13. legendary weapon...necessity or luxury?

    The necessity depends on what you plan to be doing 1. Open world bosses, then yes otherwise the other scorpio players will start to dps harder and your chance of getting credit on the boss kills will be lower 2. Dungeoning with experience then no true pirate is okay. i use to be able to get brilliant blk wyrm boxes with true pirate but now i'm not even close to getting it, just the regular ones.
  14. Suggestions

    Forgot to mention the marriage system should be monogamous. One to one and they can be broken. More 'Other Suggestions' >Revert the profile picture system but have pictures/gifs be approved for use after uploading it through the BnS website >Name reuse after a period of being inactive. >Server change service should be free for a few days or more for players upon release >Additional spins for the daily dash on random loots and/or reward boxes, not limited to premium members. >Favorite items list from the market should be viewable as icons instead of list only >Boxes that give soulshield/weapons should have a chance to give you two pieces, maybe except the player crafted one for weapon skins >Have the extra shared storage slots be unlockable with dragon pouches >NPC's need a cooldown before re-talking, having the bank npc and other talking npc repeat the samething every few second is kinda annoying.
  15. Emberstomp

    For the hm emberstomp, anyone else getting stunned in it? i have it where i can't be stun in it but at times i can get stunned while i'm in it... I got stunned after a kfm knocked me up and then stunned me as i was getting up Another instance was in my bm matchup, don't remember but I got stunned while my hm emberstomp was up Also, sometimes i cannot emberstomp after grabbing an oppenent nor throw them down with my Z ability, i just get a message saying something is preventing me from using that ability when clearly nothing is preventing me from doing it... Playing dest is stressfully buggy :(