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  1. FPS

    I've been trying to play the game since release and i've had around 20 fps the entire time (That is running the game at a lower resolution as well). At 1920 the game cant even function properly to fight. All on lowest settings. (which looks like poop) Running i7 6700 16gb DDR3 Geforce 760 Ti
  2. Unplayable. Please help!

    Similar problem with me as well. The game played smoothly in the beta but suddenly dropped to around 20 fps idle at medium graphics with no AA.
  3. Blade Dancer Open World PVP Montage

    Awesome video!
  4. Draw your Character (General Fanart Thread)

    I can contribute as well. This is my BD!
  5. Games FPS drops significantly, and game crashes.

    Same thing with me. I've had to run the game at lowest settings with a 2014 PC and it barely gets 30 fps and crashes in most combat.