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  1. Don't Hate the Beginners TEACH them.

    Those that are saying they would love to explain, but don't because they don't say anything is because people who are new (Some) are too afraid to ask because you can never predict how toxic your party might be. I've done this several times (in several mmorpgs) in dungeons, asking what to do because it was a first for me, but they ask is this your first time? And then they kick me out... Also if you make one mistake, they are automatically annoyed, I'm sorry I can't do exactly what you told me in one try, since it's a first for me. It's really annoying..
  2. The closest game that got to WoW was GW2 , but that died down REAL quick..
  3. No thank you to westernized clothing. It's nice to see clothing like that regardless if you like it or not, it fits the theme very well, and those that stated with that cowboy outfit, was that not western enough for you?
  4. what type of music do you play while on B&S?

    Vanessa12 It's a long story, there's a prologue and another song they released before the song Run was released. There's a bunch of theories about what the song is about, and what is happening in the MV, it's just too much to explain. Prologue is about 15 minutes long, and I Need U adds another 4 minutes to it. Here's a theory I found, I don't expect you to read it all. BTS albums cover are butterflies tha is why i think is Both albums are base in Chaos theory of "the butterfly effect " CHAOS THEORY , the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial condition in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. The name of the effect is derived from the metaphorical example of the details of a hurricane (exact time of formation, exact path taken) being influenced by minor perturbations such as the flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly several weeks earlier. Lorenz discovered the effect when he observed that runs of his weather model with initial condition data that was rounded in a seemingly inconsequential manner would fail to reproduce the results of runs with the unrounded initial condition data. A very small change in initial conditions had created a significantly different outcome. The is a movie that is call the butterfly effect, the movie is about a boy that discovered that while certain memories of his path being promoted, he takes the decision to travel to the path to change what original happened, but each time he changes an event, his life and the lives of others people takes a turn for the worse, until eventually he travels back an killed himself in order to changes and save those that he loves. So we already knew Jin was being singled out. Next, let's head to " I need U (19) 1) the first scene that show up is Jin with a flower on his hands but the flower is broken, his face expression looks different than the other is more like what should I do, (the flower lily which means pure, untouched by corruption or imperfection,above reproach, completely without fault or blame but the flower also means dead.) 2)video 1:09 Jin is the first crying then at 142 Jin put the flower on the floor and you can see that the lily has 6 petals and each one represent one member Suga,J-H,JK,V,JM 3)the flower is broken,which means that the members too 4)the flower is on fire and Jin can feel the pain you can see that at 2:21 when he on the bed is like he is seem what is happening on both timeline " happiness line and sadness line, because like in F(x) 4 wall you can see the same "the butterfly effect " when victoria run to get the cup that amber drop, Jin is the one under butterfly effect he can see and feel different timelines, 5) at 3:40 Jin has the flower on chest, which means that even if they are broken in his heart they are still save. 6) at 4:13 when Jin open the window is like he is seeing again both timelines when V is playing around with the other and when he is killing the dude and after V killed him the next thing that you is Jin crying at 4:29 and at the end of the video at 5:24 if you loo at V face you will see that there is another timeline, V looks like nothing is wrong because this timeline is the happy one but then at 5:25 Jin looks at V like his know what happened or what is going to happen. Ok now we know that Jin is the time travel and that In one timeline all of them died in this MV, except V and Jin. Rap Monster dies at the gas station when he dropped the cigarette, the MV no show but is logical gas and fire, Jimin drowns himself, Suga burns to death, Jungkook is hit by the car, and J-Hopeoverdoses. For now, we don't have reasons to believe V dies (he kills someone else), and Jin only gets a flower blossoming on his heart. Okay, but let's focus here on Jin, because even here he seems to be the slightly odd one out. The lily he has are white lily which as many people probably know, symbolize innocence and purity but are also widely associated with death, the 6 petals are the others boys. Now let's move onto the Prologue which follows logically from "I Need U" (it's after V killed the other guy and calls for help, he called Jin no just because he said " hyung I want to see you hyung " but because when he is waiting, the members came first then Jin and you don't see much reaction on him but when Jk-kookie said "Jin hyung " you see how he reacts and come to hug Jin. Almost all the time of the prologue Jin is filming and he the only one who see the butterfly the other members are just play around but then at 4:32 RM write on the mirror ( You need to survive) which means that he knows to someone and I think is for Jin, he wants Jin to survive but if you notice Jin is like giving them his farewell, at 5:09 when he shows the picture to J-hope and asked him ( we shall we go here) you can get for the way his acting that some how he wants to make them happy. Then at 7:11 when they are at the gas station RM take a picture of Jin and Suga and show it to them but Jin keep looking at where RM put the picture and a sad way , then at 9:28 no one of them knew that V was going to jump. At the end you hear house of cards that connect to run MV when Jin is building the house of cards for v but v destroy it, then Jin get the picture that RM took but the boys aren't with him they're dead, Jin is the only one alive because this is the sad line of time you can see that he is the only one in the picture, but on his face I see that his no surprise, he looks sad,confused because the butterfly effect everything is like dreams. Some of butterfly lyrics: "All of this seems like a dream" "Dont try to disappear "It's too beautiful so I'm afraid" "Will you stay by my side" "I'm afraid that if I let go of your hand you'll fly away, you'll shatter" "Will you stop time" Know let connect the prologue with run . First, we know that Big Hit and BTS have been planning the two HYYHs for a long time, so I think it's fair to go back to their 'BTS Begins' posters when Big Hit Twittered " BTS concert posters everyone was smiling except Jin , He was taking pills and his sweater had a message ( Re Born) why because the butterfly effect cause damage to the brain, making you lose your memories end Re Born part is because the butterfly is known as re born self. On the first posters that big hit Twittered Jin is the only with a real butterfly.Run MV start when V is falling into the water, that is the connection between the prologue and run MV an the first son is butterfly, another connection. Run MV is the timeline where they are still alive and happy , Jin is letting V do whatever he wants to make him happy but when V destroys the house of cards at 1:39 Jin start to see other timeline when V is drowning himself and others scene of the members like something terrible is go a happen again.then at 2:22 RM find a black butterfly card which means dead, after that there is another timeline, we can see kookie and suga fighting because Jin is no there anymore, Jin is dead and JK is the first one in accepting that Jin is no with them, that in the same thing tha happened oin the prologue when Jin was alone because all them were dead, but now Jin is the dead one , at 2:52 when suga is going to hit the mirror V drowning ,is like an answer ,the only way to save V is letting Jin go, but then at 2:59 you see Jin again eand he is watch everything because he's traveling from time to time, that is the reason why they are in different places a the same time en doing different things like running, taking pictures, on the street, at the beach, than at 3:55 Jin looks at JK in the river but see him on the top of the 4x4 in the tunnel that scene is the most easy to get the concept of the MV. At 4:53 after the tunnel scene the same things that happened in I need You MV are happening on run two timeline happiness and sadness ( V is under the water dying ) At 5:01 Jin looks a side and it looks like he can se V drowning and V looks a him . Then at 5:09 JK is smiling to Jin because his the first one end accept that Jin is no going to be with them anymore, his smile looks sad, like Thanks but I'm going to miss you, then at 5:17 looks like Jin is closing his eyes because JK is looking at Jin no to us or the camera and after Jin's eyes where closed at 5:20V got out of the water at 5:21 too change the future V have to be alive ,at 7:10 jimin has the picture but Jin is no ther anymore. When big hit Twittered the picture There was a message on each one like " #dream,#in dreams,#butterfly, #play and # neverland,# BTS always made songs with meaning so that is my theory,so I'm going to wait for their theory. Some Run lyrics Make me run ,make me run morePitiful destiny, point your finger at me This is all I can do anyway It's okay to fallIt's ok to get hurtI'm alright, even if I can't have you Don't tell me bye bye, you make me cryMemories crumble like dried flower petalsI'm chasing butterflies, so lost in dreams I follow your traces Show me the way, please stop me let me breathe. Something the I love about BST is that they always have good advice on their songs. I think this I about decisions and consequences in life, it shows that everything that you do in your life defined who you are and that is not matter how much you want to make things right no always is going to be the way you expect them to be, sometimes they going to be in the opposite way ,but keep trying and learn from those mistake.
  5. what type of music do you play while on B&S?

    Kpop :) BTS Run is a great song! Recommend 100%
  6. Bug: Locked into first person camera in PvP

    Happened to me too, just leave the Arena lobby, and log out to character selection. Log back in and it should work.
  7. WHERE THE *cricket*

    You sound like a brat right now! Just be patient and TRY to be nice, and if you can't try you can atleast act like it. Stop whining and remain calm until a solution is found. I doubt you'll get anywhere yelling at them like this. Patience is key whether you like it or not. I don't agree that they should ban players for raging, unless you start some death threats or some shit. Keep your rage at a minimum and maybe you won't be banned.
  8. WHERE THE *cricket*

    this forum rn
  9. Loading Problems

    Every map I load, it takes atleast 2 minutes.. I noticed that after about a minute or so of waiting , I crash and it exits me out of BnS without my consent (THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME 4 TIMES TODAY). It doesn't do it every single time, but enough to make me abit irritated. No error messages, just takes me out of the game.
  10. WHERE THE *cricket*

    The way you're acting , it sounds like you kinda deserved it :/ Sorry kid.
  11. Forum spam

    can't believe it's happening on forums now LMAO
  12. Yun eye bug?

    Same, it's awfully annoying/
  13. Obiligatory Lyn Male Lover's Show Off Thread.

    MY HOMIE G Yugyeomme
  14. Recently there has been new classes added to BnS, but not on the western release. I know they will be released sooner or later, but I want to know if we can have free given character slots given to us so that we can try out those new classes, or use it for something completely different. I am asking this because I only have 2 character slots, and I want to have enough to try out new things but the slots limit me to do so. TERA did this with their reaper release and gave everyone a free character slot, I don't think it would be too much to ask for would it? Thanks for reading.
  15. People need to stop complaining

    Well we need to complain so this will alert the devs. Of course there are those people who complain repeatedly , but that just shows how much problems they need to fix in BnS. I am totally patient, it's just that people can complain because there is something wrong. People aren't going to stay quiet about the issues.