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  1. The real WHY summoner is OP

    I remember this. And this post was beautifully constructed. I only really started playing this game when I heard it was coming to NA/EU, and didn't even know of its existence beforehand until I started researching it a tad. So I'm interested in seeing how all of this plays out, seeing as I don't know what's to come.
  2. PVP and PVE failure of the B&S

    Blademasters actually aren't that bad if you spec snowball to where they can't block for a bit and invest in a little bit of aoe for the times they are. Destroyers spin almost always gets me though. The rest are usually iffy on how well I'm doing that day. Assassins are cake if they're one of those ones that solely relies on decoy. Just time a couple shots, and watch as they waste it, then go to town on 'em for a few seconds.
  3. PVP and PVE failure of the B&S

    We got a badass over here. Watch out for this guy. No in all seriousness it's like OP hasn't heard of backstep. Or.. any of the other snare escapes whose names seem to elude me at the moment. If you're complaining about FMs dominating you in pvp, then you're honestly.. terrible, and that's coming from someone who plays a gold ranked FM on the regular. (Granted it was hell tryina get there and I feel like a lot of it was luck..) Just about every class has a resist ranged, and hell, summoners even heal from our attacks. And don't even get me started on deflects. Oh my lord. Anyone actually good at pvp on an FM has mastered the art of timing.
  4. Too many maintenances...

    Play Sonic '06. You can get all your buggyness and unrefined alpha game in that. Then you can come back and appreciate a game that actually has maintenance and bug fixes.

    It works for me!

    Thinking about it, I do think it'd be kinda cool if the type of skill it is was added. Obviously block is defensive and pew pews are offensive, but offensive-defensive skills such as those damn spins are a little tricky. Then again, it does damage -and- has a defensive trait.. A little tricky, but a tad more elaboration wouldn't be a bad thing.
  7. Browsing the forums and whining about server maintenance. In all seriousness, I'm watching the YouTubes while occasionally popping back over to this tab after a vidya. Retsupurae's longplays are gold for situations like this.

    But but but reedin iz hard. I wanna go in arena and punch my win key without actually having to get good at the class I'm playing.
  9. Jumping,Flying Quest

    If you're not dexterous enough to hit W twice, then the shift key is also available. If you've ever played any game with a sprint option, the shift key is the standard hotkey for sprint. You can hit it with your pinky, if you have your fingers on the keyboard home keys. I realize platforming is frowned upon in today's gaming world but Jesus, playing a Mario game once in your life wouldn't kill you, and it'd probably help with your little windwalking jumping escapades.
  10. A serious "Why I quit"

    Play korean mmo. Complain about grinding. Get to daily quest hub. Calls it endgame. Gets level 45. Not enough content. It's like no one's played an MMO or done a launch before. Edit: The only actual complaint I have so far is the gold spam. It's kinda ridiculous, even for launch standards. But I don't have a solution, only gripes.