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  1. Hi guys, I am using a warlock class and am experimenting around with the following soul shields that i have on hand. was curious what you guys would think. The key item the critical rate vs the damage bonus output of each soul shield. Legendary is tempting cause of the 15% wing storm dmg, we use it alot and if average 13k dmg means the 15% is about 1950dmg per cast. thats quite alot in some sense as each time we cant wing storm, it auto cast 4 times by itself. First option is asura 1 2 4 6 8 + be ido 3 7 5 Second option is legendary soul shield 1 2 3 + be
  2. CONCLUSION AFTER DISCUSSION IN THIS THREAD: Had a thought, maybe its easier if the publishers / developers have decided to place the tower of infinity token in the Hongmoon/NC store so that becomes another alternative way of acquiring without having to change anything in the game's current system. At least players can still farm gold in game, do the currency exchange to the required NC/HM Currency to buy it so ping/ms rate no longer becomes an issue. Well at least we players get an alternative and NC gets a way to make more money to sustain the server. Win win situati
  3. Hi Everyone & Developers(Publishers), I am just writing with an honest thought in mind, anyone can feel free to comment in this thread and your opinions will be respected and shared as it stand. For starters, B&S is ping focus, especially melee classes in particular. Its a great game with nice mechanics, graphics & animation which is why players still play it in asia despite having high pings. I noticed that alot of players out there use "ping reduction softwares" which requires monthly subscription of approximately USD$9.99 per month. (I know its
  4. Sharing our clan member banner :) If our time zone and culture is what you like, we welcome you to join us :)
  5. We finally got our facebook custom name and have uploaded some of the adventures our members have shared. https://www.facebook.com/trinityorder/ Enjoy =)
  6. 【 TRINITY ORDER GUILD STATUS UPDATED 】 Hello Everyone, At this present moment, Trinity Order has departed from the lands of Blade & Soul. Therefore the guild is no longer active in recruiting. We want to thank all our members, friends, and even you who have just ventured into this channel for your interest and support throughout the four years since 2016. I am, however, delighted to share with you guys that Trinity Order is still going strong in the land of Black Desert Online. Black Desert Online is a Sandbox MMO where you are not restricted by a linear path of progres
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