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  1. well i dont know how to term it, game balancing? the least they can do is give those with high ping rate another method or increase the rewards slightly for the token so that its not so torturous. to get 1 fragment out of 10 to make 1 full token, you need to hit floor 25 and for some of us, hitting iframe button 8 times and it still doesn't activate, its more or less not possible and making it worst is fighting Ai with high damage, no cool down, advance skills that we players don't have, and zero mistake combos which can be really hard for the eye to keep up. so that gives us only 1 token per week after each weeks reset. you need 70 for a premium member, thats 70 weeks. Divide that by 4 weeks per month and thats 17.5 months. isn't that more than a year and still won't get it? if only they can lower the difficulty or lower the floor level to get fragments or at least increase the rewards weekly by abit more or give an alternative method to acquire the tokens or its fragements. gosh i spent like an hour and couldn't get anything out of it earlier. don't even feel like spending any money on a game thats hardly enjoyable in this aspect.
  2. Hi guys, I am using a warlock class and am experimenting around with the following soul shields that i have on hand. was curious what you guys would think. The key item the critical rate vs the damage bonus output of each soul shield. Legendary is tempting cause of the 15% wing storm dmg, we use it alot and if average 13k dmg means the 15% is about 1950dmg per cast. thats quite alot in some sense as each time we cant wing storm, it auto cast 4 times by itself. First option is asura 1 2 4 6 8 + be ido 3 7 5 Second option is legendary soul shield 1 2 3 + be ido 6 7 + asura 4 6 8 Third option is legendary soul shield 1 2 3 + asura 4 5 6 7 8
  3. Thanks for the reply guys. Well its true my accessories were really neglected as i was a slow player, wasted lots of time in tower of infinity with the super lag 500ms that can't do much and till date, still not even getting 12 pcs out of 90 pcs of the token. its not a wonder my clan mates says its a waste of time. on a side note, a friend of mine mentioned that 1st option may still work best for me at the moment due to the same reasons of piercing / accuracy i lack of. Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it.
  4. Hi Everyone & Developers(Publishers), I am just writing with an honest thought in mind, anyone can feel free to comment in this thread and your opinions will be respected and shared as it stand. For starters, B&S is ping focus, especially melee classes in particular. Its a great game with nice mechanics, graphics & animation which is why players still play it in asia despite having high pings. I noticed that alot of players out there use "ping reduction softwares" which requires monthly subscription of approximately USD$9.99 per month. (I know its not illegal but not encouraged as I also read up on the issue). Now, I am not sure how much would it take to set up a server be it needing technicians and cost factors, but what i do know is Ncsoft does have all the resources and knowledge to set one up. Just that whether it is profitable to sustain in the long run for the company. But the way I see it, so much money is pouring into the market and there are now so many competitive ping reduction softwares around, with so much cash flowing to these companies, has it come across to NCsoft to earn them rather than let others take it? From what i know, most of us are playing in NA server cause its game client is stable, and most importantly its in english. But most of us are having pings from 450 to 550, making it pretty tough to enjoy the game in cross server PVE content or even PVP in arena/tower infinity Would be good to have a english server somewhere in asia region. I know many companies be it mobile or online gaming are setting up in Singapore for its solid infrastructure. Perhaps its worth considering. Well, I ain't very hopeful this post will reach out much as i know many such topics/request has gone by over the years, but just sharing my thoughts on why so much cash flowing out isn't earned by NCsoft to keep the game more sustainable. Wishing everyone who's reading a good day/night ahead & may you have a Merry Christmas up ahead too. Cya! Azu
  5. Sharing our clan member banner :) If our time zone and culture is what you like, we welcome you to join us :)
  6. We finally got our facebook custom name and have uploaded some of the adventures our members have shared. Enjoy =)
  7. Hi, As titled, we would like to request for clan member last log in date/time stamp. PROBLEM Clan Member Capacity even till clan upgrade level 5 is still very low. For us trying to migrate 100 over players from another game of we were playing is a total nightmare. We have to keep monitoring inactive members by manual writing and from there, remove them to free up space for new members entering. This places unnecessary strain on our Veterans and Advisers. (TEMPORARY SOLUTION) Increase Clan Capacity by x 2 times of what is given in the existing system. The editing is only a code that multiply existing value. (PERMANENT SOLUTION) If easy solution is a no go, then implement a member log in date and time stamp. This will be a big welcome for most clans as it helps to remove inactive members. We love the game, we like our clan, our clan keeps members together and in return for the game, we help fund the development with purchases to keep it going. So I hope we can find a solution to this. Its not a major bug, its just something that's lacking and can be improve. Agreeing players can support this, Trolls can flame all you want, for I have made my point and that is good enough for the day :)
  8. No worries, I am cool with it. Which is why i ended with a "haha" just laughing it off. Good day~
  9. Since 15 Mar till now, no response haha.
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