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  1. As per topic. We used to be able to get so many active 24man midnight sky petal plains party to farm flowers every weekend for the entire weekend. These days, only saturday night sees a couple of party, and its entirely dead in most cases at other times. farming flowers for sacred longgui soul shields have come to a halt for those who need pieces 1 - 5. Is there any alternative or can we request for more alternative methods to acquiring the flowers? Understand that pieces 6 , 7 and 8 is now in celestial basin. Hopefully pieces 1 to 5 can join the list in celestial basin somehow or rather. Just voicing a little only. Hope constructive suggestions comes in. Added: See post number #4 for image of MSP now .
  2. I would rather they allow us to farm peaches to exchange for Lunar Twilight Flower since Asura Flower is also available in the list. I also prefer Celestial Basin. At least its not a let down trying to wait/form up 24man for half an hour and end up not able to form a proper alliance. 24man raid just ain't cutting it. So i agree with you. To me Celestial Basin at the moment with its occasional boss event is more interesting and i honestly prefer it cause its own time own target.
  3. I am not sure how to upload image as manual attachment doesn't work here. So i posted the image on my website. Check this image to see how MSP looks like from night waiting till next morning. From night till next morning... deserted... not a single soul
  4. Warlock & Baleful (Dark build)

    Hi guys, Just want to ask if anyone using Dragon Helix (Dark build) is using baleful weapon. How's the effect and is it really good? Any issues on skill rotation? Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, especially Clan Leaders, I have been playing since the launch of B&S NA server. Have waited and waited but nothing has been done thus far on the clan system. So am attempting to write in again in hope that something can be done in near future. In this thread, anyone can post your opinion, suggestions, request and what you love to have for clan system. I am not going to ask for some new content etc, but am going to just request for some minor items that can improve the management of the entire clan system. 1st Request ( Last Log in Date Stamp) This is not some new technology. Almost every game out there even mobile andriod/apple games have last log in date stamp of their members. Currently this is not available in blade and soul. Clan leaders have to spend a great deal of effort to create check in systems/procedures to actively monitor active members and remove inactive ones. A last log in date stamp will help resolve this problem. 2nd Request ( Clan Notice increase text limit) The clan notice is rather short at 120 text characters. Would be great if it can be increased to 300 characters or more. It will be bonus if the notice flashes every half an hour or one hour. Right now, clan leader have to repeatedly click edit, and save changes for this notice to appear for members who have just logged in. Yes this notice is at the top of the chat box when we first log in, however lets be honest, its flooded by Developer's long passage of text and no one notices this clan notice text at all within the chat box. If only clan notice has a pop up box when we log in, that would be great. But i ain't going to expect too much. Just increasing the text character limit to 300 would be most appreciated and its not difficult to do either. 3rd Request (Increase Clan Member capacity limitation) Some clans are really reaching widely to various nationalities and using social media to engage members. These clans caters for large number of members which also in turn means more player base for the game and possible profit for the development and sustainability. However, the capacity limitation is limiting everything that has been said. My clan for example uses forum, facebook, discord, homepage reaching players from NA to SEA. We constantly have this issue of running out of clan slot capacity. 80 is just not enough to hold all our members together. I sincerely hope we can increase the number to whatever max capacity the game's algorithm can hold. I have seen strong clans that is able to hold 300 members in games. Blade & Soul has so much potential and so much to offer, it is a pity at this point that the clan system is often most neglected. Summary Personally, i believe in having the basic fundamentals (so call foundation) set up strong and proper. No doubt innovation will engage interest, but without a strong foundation to support it, that temporary interest will undoubted become frustration. Large clans can be positively competitive, they can really contribute be it in getting more player base to spending on Ncoin to sustain the game. I hope this message reaches the development team and some how, we get a solid foundation we can be proud of. Thank you
  6. Returning to BnS - Questions

    Come group 6 server, what you are looking for is here. Refer to details on my clan homepage we listed the 3 servers in group 6 under the join us section
  7. "Social Clans"

    I would honestly prefer the developers work on a "character last log in date"system in the current clan management than to waste time and resources on making social clan which they know fully well that it ain't going to go well with everyone. I mean even a mobile game has a character last log in date system to allow clan leaders to monitor inactive players and remove them to free slots up for new active players. Right now this clan system that blade and soul have forces clan leaders to manually monitor and create alternative log in systems. And worst of all 80 slots only?
  8. Hi everyone, Just sharing a thought I had earlier today. I was down to 28 silver and thought perhaps running some fast old dungeons (Blue & Purple) ones would net me some gold. Purple dungeons does give decent amount of gold, but at times, repeatedly playing it due to Daily Challenges and also the long duration of each dungeon didn't present itself as a fun way to spend time in the game. While toying around in Blue Dungeon, it was more enjoyable revisiting the places where we struggle in newbie days and now really enjoying the run. Some where short, some were easy mechanics, in short, its really good to be back to some of the old dungeons. Thus it came to my mind if players can be given an incentive to farm some of the old blue dungeons after completing Daily Challenges of Purple dungeons as an additional way to farm gold. (We will never have enough gold in this game XD ) So whether it is a permanent server wide increase in gold reward making it worth the visit to old blue dungeons, or by level meaning higher the level higher the gold reward (However, this level thingy may be too complicated and may have different opinions from different players). Main key is attracting players back to blue dungeons, giving chance for new and older players a good reason to be there. At least the game has a mix of fun content playable with a reward. Just my 2 cents, hope it didn't take up much time.
  9. What are the 4/12 Warlock changes?

    Rupture (F) doesn't seem to recover any focus anymore for Dark build dragon helix rotation.
  10. Hi guys, Was testing out both Increase damage and Additional damage specs, one of it (Increase damage) seems to loose focus faster than (additional damage), not sure if its just me. Wish to hear your observations especially those who are really pro at skill observation and rotations. How has this 2 options affect the way we do our rotation be it normal rotation or at soul burn. If there's any helpful links of discussion, please share it with me. Appreciate with thanks.
  11. Dimensional Volley (Increase dmg vs Additional dmg)

    Thank you Owni for affirming the above. Hopefully the forum moderators/developers can note on this and see if its a bug. Perhaps when more players notice this, i will link this to bug section if it isn't meant to be this way. Thanks
  12. Dimensional Volley (Increase dmg vs Additional dmg)

    Thanks for replying arkvard, its puzzling, i kept checking, even read through skill description in details. tried both skills back to back in normal storyline/dungeon pve. strange enough, the PVP additional damage seems to maintain focus better, while the PVE increase damage, loses focus so fast it breaks the rotation. This is especially dominant in soul burn mode. We used to be able to cast dragon call, volley non-stop during that short burst of soul burn period, but now, while casting half way, focus drops to zero and we can't do anything except to use wingstorm/leech to reset our focus (LMB during soul burn is very slow). So yups, confirm for sure :) thanks for double checking.
  13. Dimensional Volley (Increase dmg vs Additional dmg)

    Thanks for replying Nyaha. Yups i noticed too the description, 2nd one (add dmg) is really for pvp due to all the stun effects etc. but the weird thing is when PVE using first one (increase dmg), the focus drops very fast as compared to using the 2nd one (add dmg). Not sure if this is only happening to me. My clan mate also realize this as well. Seems like its easier to maintain focus using the pvp (add dmg) option when playing pve lol Not sure if i am confusing you guys.
  14. Just wish to highlight that the send mail feature now restricts to 100 characters, it used to be 1000 characters. its not possible to send clan rules to new clan members with a 100 character restriction, its too little characters to even type 3 lines of text. In fact, 2 lines of text already takes up 100 characters. Do note that I did not mean 100 words, its 100 text characters. Please look into this. Thank you
  15. Clan wardrobe dark background lighting problems

    I think i found the solution from one of the threads. In graphics advance option, Just change " Background Effects Quality" to 5
  16. Clan wardrobe dark background lighting problems

    You are right. I am also facing the same issue with everything seemingly black. Anyone else have this issue? It used to be working.
  17. Hi guys, Just wish to ask, for the Midnight Skypetal Plains event during the so call weekend double drop frenzy, what day and time does it start and end for Singapore Time? Any SG players can enlighten me a little? And is it every weekened? Any idea? Thank you
  18. Our adorable clan member putting on her new uniform for the first time =D Check out more at We have recently removed inactive members and slots are now open for more new players to join us. Mainly asia time zone Singapore, M'sia and more. Join us at
  19. CONCLUSION AFTER DISCUSSION IN THIS THREAD: Had a thought, maybe its easier if the publishers / developers have decided to place the tower of infinity token in the Hongmoon/NC store so that becomes another alternative way of acquiring without having to change anything in the game's current system. At least players can still farm gold in game, do the currency exchange to the required NC/HM Currency to buy it so ping/ms rate no longer becomes an issue. Well at least we players get an alternative and NC gets a way to make more money to sustain the server. Win win situation for both i guess. Original starting post: Hi everyone & developers(publishers) I play a mix of PVE & PVP content, which i am sure is what developers design the game for. However, I was wondering if there are anyways to acquire PVP (tower of infinity tokens) in a less time consuming manner for asia players. With a ping rate of 450-550ms at times 580-600ms, its quite hard to engage in a PVP session be it in tower of infinity itself or in the tower trial matches. Not sure if fury token rewards can be increased or added from stage one onwards or difficulty of AI can be slightly reduced to accommodate high ping players, but if the intention is to stay competitive, i honestly hope for token rewards to be increase and added from stage one onwards, at least the target of 90 tokens (70 for premium users) can be reachable and less grinding. Hope someone can consider this suggestion and perhaps let those with higher ping have a slightly better chance to achieve their goals. Best wishes to all for the coming holidays :) Cya Az
  20. Had a thought, maybe its easier if the publishers / developers have decided to place the tower of infinity token in the Hongmoon/NC store so that becomes another alternative way of acquiring without having to change anything in the game's current system. At least players can still farm gold in game, do the currency exchange to the required NC/HM Currency to buy it so ping/ms rate no longer becomes an issue. Well at least we players get an alternative and NC gets a way to make more money to sustain the server. Win win situation for both i guess. Think above jolly well concludes this discussion. lol
  21. Think you just double post lol
  22. Not really. other games in North America server don't have that high ping based on what i know, usually is 250-350, but for B&S it average 400-500 ms but at bad times, it shoots up to 1000ms. there's also some company that manage NC's servers perhaps that company will have the answer.
  23. Try this NA server, from 600ms jump to 1000ms (See screenshot for yourself) lol for entire CS session, u can only cast 4 skills cannot move more than 5 steps and eventually when boss dies you disconnect.
  24. Hi Duriensbane, I understand your point and i do respect your opinion. Just that i hope that you do understand language issues that players face in those asia servers. If you happen to know about a blade and soul server that is fully Officially English other than North America server, please kindly enlighten us. Just like what JoannaRamira said in a very nice manner, its hard in every aspect from understanding skill information (which not all server have exactly the same) to coordinating in dungeons etc. Its not going to be a game that we are playing but rather a chore that we will be managing. Hope you see the issues that we face and know where we are coming from. Honestly, I am not surprised that comments like yours attempting to shut us down as you don't face this issue nor understand it, but what i was surprise is that most members in this forum were knowledgeable and did understand a bigger picture which may be also the reason why they didn't come in and shut us down with such a response. This post goes to thank everyone who saw the issues we faced as well. Thanks for understanding and taking the time to read. Have a merry christmas ahead. PS: if right now they have an asia server that is of reasonable ping rate to us and is fully official in English, it will mean Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Phillipines, and Vietnam players in it. Given how big WCG (World Cyber Games) championship is in Singapore, you can imagine so many players flooding the game. I for one would surely move like what you suggested. Above is also partly due to the fact that almost every house in singapore is wired with 1Gbps connection. Its just a shame that developers/publishers are not seeing it. (See this thread that forum managers closed instantly. I am not sure if they are aware of the numbers "in demand" that they are referring to. minimum 6 countries with that many players and well infra-structured award winning network , telling me its a lack of demand isn't really a good response. Try opening one in Singapore and they'll see results. Just look at how many gaming companies have migrated here and have started their office here.) I really hope their marketing team can really get some updated research rather than sticking to old data. And i am not surprise that this thread will be closed soon. =D