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  1. A victory pose by our cute clannie Myu ! Plus, after receiving some positive feedback and request, we have updated our clan information below this screenshot to allow more interested players to know us more right at the start :) Scroll down for clan info: If you are looking for an active clan with members to party for Daily Challenge (DC) runs together, we may just be the family you are looking for. About Us - Zulia Server / Crimson Faction. - English Language Only. - Time Zone (GMT+8 Asia, Singapore) - Player base (Mostly
  2. As more members gear up in the clan and begin signing up for the various clan raids, we will soon be increasing our twice a week raid session to 3 sessions instead. Therefore, we are continuing our search for like-minded individuals who are able to take up the challenge of the coming third session raids. Here's some of our members saying hi from, Skybreak Spire Black Tower (BT), Weekly Challenges (DKV/FAS/SJF) and Temple of Eluvium (VT) Recruitment Notes: 1. We are not taking in GunSlingers at the moment. 2. Only accepting those with same time zone a
  3. Still looking out for new members :) Same rules apply. No gunner, no toxic, no vulgarities =D For players with time zone of GMT+8 (Singapore & Malaysia) Another clan activity update, we decided to clear BT with lesser people for fun.
  4. We got bored of NPC bosses. So we end up taking on a new boss, our clan member =D Clan "Raid" against Boss member =P Trinity Order has reopen recruitment: Entry Requirement: - Singapore & Malaysia players only. Priority given to: - Soul fighters, Warlocks, Assassin, Kungfu Masters given priority Basic Rules 1. No vulgarities 2. No toxic players 3. No Gunners Read link below for clan rules & how to apply :) http://bnstrinityorder.wixsite.com/home/clan
  5. Will there be any chances for dark distinction costume to be in hongmoon store since event is over?
  6. Would love to see the maritime costume in F10 :D
  7. Hi @Bingsu Apologies for the late reply, have been pretty busy lately :) and it seems like the (auto email notification) feature has been disabled. so didn't receive any email notification about a reply in this forum. I have sent you a private message. :) Please check and all the best =D Thanks
  8. Or simply increase the duration to e.g 15 or 20 seconds. During this time frame you cause use bullet storm but limited to 5 cast. So regardless of high or low ping, you will cast the same number of bullet storm
  9. Can't blame you. Just chill. The party members were just protecting the orb user (this is good) if you are the one using the orb, people would also welcome others protecting you. Perhaps they should have explained rather than harshly abuse. So that's an attitude problem we see day to day. Non-orb users usually join the party to clear daily challenge, get quick exp from a fast to clear dungeon. Leveling slows down a lot at later stages, so you will slowly understand that clearing with a group in a short dungeon is what people like to do just to get that exp fast.
  10. Somehow fix the issue of split second freeze that occurs more and more frequently these days? Especially in celestial basin. Bring back premium chi recovery reduction.. If first one is fix, I would be happy as hell
  11. Congrats to some of our new members for joining our clan raid first time and clearing it with us successfully. Trinity Order is opening recruitment coming this weekend. For more information, visit our homepage (clan rules section) for entry requirements (Note: We are not taking gunners at the moment) Homepage: http://bnstrinityorder.wixsite.com/home Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/trinityorder/posts
  12. Our journey has finally reached Zaiwei. Looking for like minded individuals to join us. (Base in Singapore GMT+8 Asia Time Zone) | We are not taking gunslingers at the moment. See homepage for more info on how to join us. url: http://bnstrinityorder.wixsite.com/home
  13. Quick question guys, Are you guys Premium users? My partner and I are playing this game, I am on premium and she is not. Since day 1 till now, she has no difficulty collecting the rewards. Almost everyday, I face issue. I can only collect it like 4-5 hours before server resets. Not sure if this is related. But no harm knowing.
  14. With the new patch update and wonderful costumes all around, we are still in search of new members to join the family :) Visit the clan rules page of our clan homepage on how to join us @ http://bnstrinityorder.wixsite.com/home (Note: We are not taking in gun-slingers for the time being)
  15. We brought the little ones (front row) into our black tower raid =D as the family now forms 2 rounds of Skybreak Spire Black Tower Raid weekly to cater for more members to participate. Also after weekly maintenance, there's also 2 rounds of DKV/FAS clan run. Being a Singapore based clan, we are looking for more members to join our family to have fun together. If you are interested to join the family, Click here for our homepage and view the clan rules section on how to join us. (Unfortunately we are not taking gunners at the moment, when its open again, we'll let you know)
  16. To development team, I believe devs would want players to gear up in line with coming changes of new dungeons. While VT is around, many still struggle with Obtaining the correct BT elemental gears. Players wait for months to see elements of their character drop and at times still lose it due to bids. The restriction of once a week makes it worst. suggest to either: 1 make reset requirements lesser in terms of number if Khanda tokens required to reset so players will consider to purchase resets or 2 allow BT run twice a wee
  17. My clan has been clearing BT every week, sometimes twice per week with alts/resets. So far for the past 3 months, it only dropped twice XD during the first run. Then never dropped anymore for the past couple of months.
  18. Shockcall is in daily special ! Thanks GM =D hopefully maritime will be on it soon !
  19. Our Clanmate Myu Au found our Library =D Clan Recruitment is still open =) See our clan rules page on our clan website for details on how to join: http://bnstrinityorder.wixsite.com/home
  20. I recall reading threads of similar request, and they were granted after a short while. I mean, the request is simple from people who wish to spend money on purchase, I don't see why not :) Either way, we'll have to see if they do grant it any time soon (hopeful) :)
  21. If you want to load fast into the game or dungeon, make sure the PC comes with SSD (solid state drive) for your Cdrive Install only games that need fast load into that SSD cdrive. Other programs or files all to D drive.
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