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  1. Do not instigate and cause trouble for people that have a clean slate in this game and community. Do you wish to be known as the instigator and trouble maker on forums? Because that's how its coming across. Leave the guy alone, he hasn't done anything in this game to cause issues.
  2. Instead of bringing up the past about someone in a different game how about we stay on topic. This thread isnt about bashing this specific person for hacking in another game, this thread is meant to converse about the video. If you have nothing to contribute to the actual topic at hand i would like to please ask that you only read the thread instead of commenting useless facts about someone, specifically OP. Who cares if he hacked another game, as long as he does NOT attempt to on this game. Refocus on this topic, and stop bashing someone because of random things.
  3. For those of you commenting trying to derail the real purpose of this thread please only comment with with your opinion of 'yes' or 'no' and explain why. Dont direct meaningless things towards the OP about his soul shield, skills, w/e. Keep it clean and keep it on topic. Now about this topic i will admit that there are a few places where its completely obvious that those 'people' were fairly sketchy. First off, the way they teleport in and out of the area at the same time. You may say they are an organized team of farmers for those bosses, but can you explain how perfect 50 people can be to literally leave at the same time as well as enter the channel? I have NEVER seen such a feat in any game i've played in the past. Sure you can be organized but there will be people loading in at different times, being slow teleporting, and sure as hell not coming in all at the same time. Secondly, everyone was a summoner for the most part. A very wise choice for farming due to the amount of healing, range, and of course the wonderful cat that aids you in battle that can also revive you. When you have an entire raid of summoners like that, farming the bosses without any oher classes it really brings up suspicions on what is a human and what isn't. Sure some of them could be human 100%, but the way the rotations working between each summoner and the amount of summoners that synced up their attacks were a bit fishy to me. Also you may argue that healing using an item like tonic or a dumpling is something you saw in the video, but how can you be sure that it isnt programmed like that as well? Third, along with the first point of this post of them being organized in moving in and out of channels, look at the movement for looting and then jumping on the tent to stop moving right afterwards. All of them stopped moving after they jumped onto that tent, except for a few people that jumped or left that tent area. Everyone was frozen still for the most part and then half a minute later they switched channels together. No team is efficient like this, ever, not in this MMO this early on, and maybe not ever. Take my post with a grain of salt if you will, but this is my voiced opinion on the matter. I personally believe that these 'people' are not humans behind their computers grinding to make their money in the game, but in fact humans behind a computer that programmed bots to do their dirty work, and possibly a single person controlling multiple accounts at once from the looks of it.