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  1. Because they dont know that the TRUE ENDGAME for every game is look fine af
  2. I mean if they add Alice Ribbon Hair im buying the entire stock
  3. I mean you guys could rotate or at least put the decent outfits and hair on sale I dont even remember the last time Alice Ribbon and butterfly clip hair were on sale and i think Alice Ribbon only went to F10 like 2 or 3 times only? There are really good outfits in the game but you cant get again or have to wait for like 2 years until they show up again Instead of putting that Naryu Silver on F10 maybe try to rotate more outfits if you want people to put more cash on this game #BringAliceRibbonBack
  4. Makes 0 sense to nerf important mechs because thats the fun of the game Now i can see why they should nerf damage/hp for new players But nerf mechs ? like wtf ? You want more brain dead people in the game not doing any mechs and using insta revivals with no cd and 2 dragonbloods per dg ? makes 0 sense to me And freaking make Weapon Box Tradeable jesus
  5. There are Sealing Charms for Souls so why dont make Sealing Charms for Weapons Costumization? I got this ideia because one friend mine want the Junghado Phanton Weapon and i got one but cant give him and more i got a plenty of Costumization Weapons that i wont use because i dont like but why cant i sell then for some profit ? The recent event with armory token made me get plenty of weapons but i cant do nothing with then ? just throw away in the garbage the weapons that i dont want ? Its a good way to help people like me that spend money in the game and people that actually dont spend money in
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