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  1. Everyone whos defending this event is a high lvl player with high lvl gear, and this event is made for those whos plaing this game for a long time or swiped alot (cuz this game is p2w, cuz you can buys anithing in this game one way or another with real money ), and already has everithing he needs to complete this fast and just get even better then everyone, yas you get free stuff but that free stuff just makes you inventory smaller and pushes you to spend real money or grind gold just to find where to put them, NCsoft is doing events like this all the time to hide behind the name "Event" and t
  2. yeah you shout before you think.... gj at that ...
  3. all skins are usseles here, but 7 day premium is not and btw im talking about that part that you said " So you had to subscribe when you created the account"
  4. I was subscribed to the newsletters when I started plaing but havent played for 6 months and unsubscribed cuz off that and now Im again plaing and subscribed but dont haw the code cuz its only for the old trash colecting peaple, and not the ones who comeback or whos starting to play.
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