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  1. I don't remember the specific quest but it might be in yehera's mirage, have you checked for stray sidequests there?
  2. Jiggly like the breasts are in game! jello butts. Speaking of butts, if ladies want guys with bubble buts put stinger outfit on a male gon.
  3. also make sure you don't have overflow inventory, if you do, it prevents you from doing anything that adds more stuff to your inventory.
  4. it also has to be the npcs/bosses near where you can buy the weapons because the insignias are different per area even in the same region, i believe the weapons also require a rank to purchase
  5. theres very few quests that require you to glide anywhere, mostly just ones that upgrade windwalking to make it easier to windwalk or sidequests from what I can remember
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