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  1. KFM Q/E Delay

    I've also noticed this, and have just adapted spamming all my defensive keys in hopes that they work on time :[
  2. How can i get the assassin brake through item

    buy ncoin with real money and purchase a hongmoon brilliant viridian key to ensure you get your class weapon from a weapon chest... you really shouldn't have spent all your keys on the stalker weapon chests :/ OR just ignore it for now and level to 16 and purchase the stalker jiangshi assassin dagger from the marketplace (unlocks at 16) for a couple of copper and upgrade then... while we are on the subject, you could also check to see if there are any brilliant viridan keys on the marketplace, the RNG boxes don't drop them they might be a bit rarer, but better than spending real cash on the keys.. you would only need it for the blighted weapon chest for the next weapon upgrade dropped from blackram narrows at around lvl 21, or do what most people do and keep running the dungeon in hopes that either the weapon chest (2 keys to open) or the boss drops the weapon you need. also for future reference if the weapon required is blue, then its probably tradable and available for cheap on the marketplace, if its purple, then it isnt tradable and you will need to farm for it and hope it drops, or buy a brilliant key for the correct zone you are in to guarantee the weapon you need pops out of the chest.
  3. Most ridiculous words you've seen censored

    I don't know if its most ridiculous, since I guess I can see why, but most memorable for me is "grape" censored in lineage 2
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBtXyv0Q1Eg this episode of extra credits have been passed around about the issue of throwing money at games, and the various types of people you can observe doing so. Also, I totally do not mind people who buy the boxes putting brilliant keys and moonwater transformation stones on the marketplace (sorry, moonwater stone crafters :c)
  5. Whats wrong with this company?

    "Soon" or Soon™ is generally used or sarcastically used as a way to say "its coming but we don't want to give you a date because we aren't sure if the date we announce will be the actual date that it will come so in case it doesn't you all won't get up in our case about us lying about when it would come."
  6. Ninja looters are increasing.

    I just leave and re-queue as soon as I hear "loot mode has changed" for now, just listen carefully for it when the final boss is almost dead, expect it as if its an attack you have to dodge!
  7. Lyn ear and taills

    maybe its an afro bunny D:
  8. Gathering materials

    Nothing, actually. Usually it shuts the game off, but bns is a special snowflake and that command doesn't work.
  9. wouldn't that mean that you could also put it up on the marketplace? but the outfit section is always empty. I have never had either of those items drop for me, so I never noticed.
  10. pretty sure all non-cat costume items are no trade upon looting it?
  11. Weapons preview

    Gotta say I have no idea what you are talking about with guns, but here's 2 websites that you can preview weapons on http://bns-fashion.com/ http://www.bns.endgame.pk/
  12. http://www.bns.endgame.pk/ This place has an upgrade guide for every weapon. http://bladeandsoul.gamepedia.com/Professions I used the wiki for crafting and mats, just jumping from link to link to see who makes what for where and how. No clue about the marketplace website mobile app thing, probably not.
  13. Hujikar weapon Breakthrough droprate

    If you have horrible RNG luck and are wasting gold (actual gold, not silver) on buying regular keys, you may want to consider saving up 4 gold and buying a brilliant moonwater key instead, those are purchasable now due to how many those RNG boxes have spit out into the economy, although, I did get a free one in my lvl 36 survey.
  14. New Friend help

    Important to note: while you will require many weapons and jewelry to upgrade your hongmoon stuff, if the item required is a blue item, check the player marketplace first, blue items are tradeable and usually very cheap on there, a few coppers to 1-2 silver, purple items are not tradable and these are the ones you will have to grind for. Factions: you need to join crimson legion or cerulean order, you can postpone this choice until around Chapter 17 in the main story where it will force you to pick. You can just pick what suits you, for you can switch sides for 10s the first time if you wish, which faction you are in dictates what guilds you can join, for all guilds need to be aligned with one or the other faction. PVP between factions only happens if you run around wearing the faction uniform which will flag you as hostile to anyone wearing the other faction uniform. Elements of Hongmoon: You will also get pink and green element of hongmoon gems, those are for providing massive amounts of xp to your hongmoon weapons and jewelry, do not use these early on, because later, higher level ranks of your hongmoon weapon will require more and more money to upgrade, up to where it will cost 50+ silver to dump a bunch of trash weapons into your hongmoon weapon to upgrade it, this iswhen you should use those element of hongmoon, since they will always remain 2-3 copper per use. Unsealing charms: don't unseal everything you come across just like how you shouldn't open every chest you come across (dungeon in world chests also use up keys) while keys you can get more of in dailies, unsealing charms you cannot, the only way to get more unsealing charms is to buy from the npc at 10s ea or fro the player marketplace. Making Gold: While you will make very little money while leveling up, when you hit lvl 44/45 you will gain access to daily quests that give 30-50s each and be able to make at least 1-4g a day just by doing the easy dailies, more if you do all of them. Crafting guilds: crafting currently is a very heavy investment for very little return, its nice to have but not too useful if you are only going to poke at it casually, most things worth making will require premium refiner made by merry potters, things like gems, transformation stones (needed to evolve hongmoon items to next stage) keys and unsealing charms. But to make refiners you need quartz, which anybody can mine with a zone appropriate pick axe, because of this they sell very well, and usually bots have all the quartz nodes camped and its hard to get them except from the player marketplace. However! If you pick 2 gathering guilds and go around collecting the material samples the guilds want in order to collect mats for you, each material (3 in each craft guild throughout the 3 regions in the game currently) give around 1000-2000xp once found, so its worth it just to do that. By tidelord Killian means Hujikar, an open world boss you will encounter in the late 30s/early40s in moonwater plains, around level 36 your survey will give you a brilliant moonwater key (yes do your surveys every level for useful, free stuff, every character can do them, its not just a once per account deal), because Hujikar drops 1 chest, you need a key to open this chest, which then drops a weapon chest, which you need 2 keys to open, that means you use up 3 keys every time you try for your class weapon, and Hujikar weapon is a required purple evolution weapon for your hongmoon weapon.
  15. do destroyers know any other skill

    spin is just a nice answer to "Look at all the targets, I'm too lazy to care"