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  1. Hi, I'm posting to address a couple issues that are related to each other. Firstly is the price of the talisman and secondly is the playerbase activity. So firstly, there is a lot of expensive upgrades that have come out that are labelled as "endgame" content. The price of the talisman, being so high, certainly qualifies it as one of these end game items. However when there's a thousand and one endgame items that are released (gc weapon upgrading very expensive, soul and pet psyches are very expensive, upgrading both badges is very expensive.) then we begin to have a problem. Gearing two characters is more or less out of the question now with this nova cost. It costs so much to upkeep even one character now that people who enjoy multiclassing will have to do so on a lower level. Furthermore, expecting players to grind events on multiple alts/characters for oils and pet pods (even if the event is quick and dirty) will burn players out quickly, and is generally just an un-fun way to play (game should be fun yeah?) Players enjoy gearing, and long term players enjoy the feeling of having the max gear available to them. When the goalpost moves further and further away, players lose motivation and stop trying - they quit, and they feel relieved of the burden of trying to keep up. Furthermore, possibly the most common question for players that are either considering returning, or prospective players, is: "is blade and soul p2w?". With more and more end game items with absurd prices such as the nova, the answer more and more becomes "yes". I'm not saying make the game idiot friendly and everyone can get max gear, the matter of the fact is that these upgrades are getting overwhelming.
  2. Is the silver dragon outfit permanent when you receive it? Or is it like PvP outfits where it gets removed after a year? I tweeted at @bladeandsoulops and they weren't really sure and told me to come to the forums to ask Thanks
  3. Mushin Tower 4th Floor

    Great questions deserve great answers, you should give details of your gear, class and build and if there are any specific issues of the boss that you can't seem to overcome, let us know that stuff too.