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  1. 2016 Worlds

    yes i mean world Tournament
  2. 2016 Worlds

    someone said september 29th is this right?
  3. http://eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/riot-games/announcements/platform-migration-europe In league they are doing it and there is clearly some benefits. Whats ur toughts about this?, would it help to blade and soul eu. Only negative thing about this game for me atm is servers, they could be better.
  4. p2w event

    p2w was just clickbtai im so happy :D it was a joke i have pent like 70g on pouches but i have got back 10g items many times
  5. p2w event

  6. Help

    I got disconnected when i was in arena and now i cant log in. it gives system error account authenicication failed ( it gives that right after i put my pin )
  7. When im leveling if some lvl 50 pops up in lower tier dungeon i dont thank him for joining, and i dont always say ty for the party end of dunegon, but if i need help at some dungeon or any other stuff i always say thanks and have fun day.I like to help ppl myself sometimes. atleast in eu windrest i have met some helpfull ppl and they are always nice. I play lyn myself, but i dont know why everytime there is annoying person ( example you use scale and he still bids on stinger, or you need weapon upgrade and none else does and he still bids you up ) its always lyn is there some reason or do i just have bad luck with meeting annoying lyns.
  8. Litle confused

    Is it worth to upgrade to legendary weapon? now its stage 3 max i belive but when patches comes do you need to downgrade it back to normal weapon or what? anyways if anyone have good site where i can find info on classes builds etc feel free to link me. always when i try to check stuff i only find outdated stuff :)