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  1. As far as I'm aware the zen bean skill is a pvp specific skill for every class, so you don't need it if you don't pvp.
  2. With that accuracy you'll be lucky to find a pity spot in a BT raid, you can forget about VT.
  3. rice farmers complaining they have to start playing other parts of the game now LOL
  4. The only, and I mean ONLY thing FM lost is some pvp ability with the removal of spam ice F, but they improved greatly in all aspects of PVE.
  5. Thailand server is garbage for aussie players, it's only slightly lower ping than NA and the company publishing it there is equally garbage. Playerbase of OCE players is next to nothing these days, most of the aussies I knew quit or play off and on, same as many english speaking SEA players. using WTFast or any ping booster won't flag your account, I used wtfast from launch and now use pingzapper and I never play without it, never had any issues with account being flagged or anything, if your not using one of these while playing then there's no point playing. Also fi
  6. FM main and I have a BM which i've taken thru all the top tier dungeons, the single only annoying thing about it compared to my FM is when bosses move or some things in MSP/DKV, but dps matters little in those instances, so there is literally nothing harder about it, actually melee have a alot more quick opening damage skills where as FM you gotta cast this, then this, then that then you can cast your most OP burst skill, melee just roll their palm across 1 row of their keyboard for easy opening burst, what's hard about that? Every competent ranged dps on the planet is capable of surviving
  7. Nothing in the ice skills needed to be used in fire build before, with the except of focus regen cold snap, which is fixed with the new dragonchar, and everything you needed to use before in ice build which was fire, can still be used. in fire and ice primary rotation is RMB 2 LMB, using damage skills in bottom row like meteor/inferno when available, and using cold snap and holding 2 in it's duration for ice build. No more fire fury every 2nd dragonblaze to get my orbs, no more clutter. And the second wind daze is only a problem vs sin, since if they tab after your tab you are bli
  8. it'd help if you listed what server you're from.
  9. OP is the reason they removed things like auto det. I legit have not even used frost fury heal since they added heal to beam/char. Never had the need to since, and never needed it for dual dragons since the rmb crits would get me that, now I only need to crit lmb and rmb once each for dual dragons. Everything they changed about FM made the better, everything without exception, particular the ice build, since it was shit tier dps before and now it's on par with burn build if you have low ping.
  10. It's more for players who want more endgame alts but dont wanna have to level from scratch.
  11. in a perfect world the kind of people who create an insta 50 as their first character would actually bother to learn their class, mechanics, and use things like the training room, but the reality is that they don't. They come, they realise they can just get carried thru things so they never make an effort o pull their weight.
  12. WoW and SWTOR both gave out free level jump tokens when they brought in the services to their games, and it resulted in a multitude of new players creating max level characters and immediately going into end game content with no knowledge of class or anything, and it was a total nightmare. Think the F2 and kick bug right now is bad? You should wait and what happens if they give out insta 50s for free LOL
  13. I've played from launch in melbourne australia and the game is very playable, ping around 250ms, i'm never gonna be at the top of the dps meter and I have to practice mechanics a few more times than an NA player would, but the game is still enjoyable. If you've got 600ms then there's something wrong with alot more than BnS.
  14. Considering the sheer number of players I come across with no fuses on their SS, a combo of 5 MSP/3 EC, or another SS designed to boost AP, these people have legendary and dont have them, their gear levels vary, some of them have founder titles or very old costumes that never got a 2nd rotation, and they've been playing a long time, some of them have participated in BT. If they can do all that and still be retarded then wether or not a player spends money to progress is irrelevant, if they're dumb they're dumb and they don't have the ability to improve.
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