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  1. It's like you got half way through the list and forgot what you were doing. I like the game. Bots can be easily ignored, no issues with connections and FPS. Only thing that bugs me are Summoners but that is a bug Ncsoft refuse to get rid off
  2. Would be nice if the cooldown for deletion on level 20+ characters was reduced to like 3 days?
  3. Character unlock

    Pretty sure they did. It was 7 slots and now it's at 8

    Wow. 5 pages worth. I stopped after the comment of her looking high
  5. A new class I'd like to see

    Three classes we will probably see will be either 1: Gun Slinger 2: Spear wielder 3: Sword/Shield defensive style. Since all three are already in game
  6. Easy solution would be to scale people down to said level. Example would be a level 45 who enters Everdusk will have their level reduced down to 5-10. Depending on the area. Also I try my best. I will sit by the wheel and give away the stalker weapons people need. If I see a higher level killing lowbies or a group of people spawning killing one person. Then I will interfere and make sure they leave. ( FM Vs 2 Destroyers, they didn't stand a chance)
  7. cat tank nerfed

    But how does that work? Together makes them a Super class with High Def, Attack, HP, DPS etc etc. You either have one of the other. You can't have both... If that was the case then my Blade Master would one hit a level 45 person and enough HP to last a solo fight with the Blackwyrm Also I see my main question was ignored. I am guessing you would say "I want all of the above to not be nerfed"
  8. cat tank nerfed

    Summoner is pretty much the same as having two people. Would you rather have: Less Taunt on your pet Reduced stats and Hp on your pet Less DPS on your Summoner and longer cooldown times

    She just looks stonned 24/7 If you scroll from bottom to top. It's the stages of being stonned
  10. cat tank nerfed

  11. cat tank nerfed

    Well I main a Blade Master. So I run around, dodge and evade as much as I can. I don't find skill in a class that requires you to stand still while you do tons of damage on a mob that isn't going to attack you. You just work around the problem. It's either a nerf or an issue on Ncsoft's end which they havn't noticed.
  12. cat tank nerfed

    Well compared to the other classes. Summoner I used pretty much one shot everything before the Cat even got close. It's an OP class, all I am saying.
  13. cat tank nerfed

    Pretty sure there could of been an option. Reduced DPS or losing your tank

    Apart from the one where she is wearing duct tape. I can't tell the difference
  15. cat tank nerfed

    Yes. Lets Un-nerf an already OP Class lol