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  1. The Cow Bell quest for the QiGong skill can be completed when you talk to Old Man Chu. He can be found in the Rooftop of the temple, behind Gold Daeva in Scorching Sands Oasis. Similarly, Wall climb skill for QiGong can be completed at Misty Forest. Old Man Chu is in a cliff, going to the Talus Dominion base (If I think thats correct). After wall climb QiGong quest, the last one requires Purification Jar (I think its below 20g now). Completion of this quest is in Necropolis (If I remember correctly)
  2. They dont have an active CM here in forums. However, they seem to be active in Twitch & Twitter. Which defeats the purpose of having a forum in the first place. They can only be active when Posting notices/news/announcements but seldom I see them interact with their forum community. EVEN THE MODS IF THEY EXISTS IS NOT FUNCTIONAL.
  3. Ohh you are underestimating the gold Farmers my friend. Really.
  4. Profile system should be disabled isntead of having this "AP requirement in description".
  5. What you're saying is different from having a Race-Free Classes. You're talking about appearances, character modifications and stuff. Or did I misunderstood you?
  6. I agree that RNG should not be changed and I also agree that instead of potions & naryu coins, give something that ease the frustrations of players.
  7. Your ISP maybe at fault, perhaps they have a bad routing to the NA Servers.
  8. ^ I agree. I made an Alt after they announced the XP boost from Yellow Quests to see how it is. The Quests are fine but if you are new player, the progression for the new character is harder than it was before (Since beta). Moonstone aside, there is no ...what you call this...something that keeps new players interested. And by that, new players will just leave the game after week or month of playing. I played on Bns China (After KR) 3 or 4 yrs ago. And to my surprise, even with the Language barrier all players whales & f2p alike has a chance to get the ite
  9. You are correct but you did not put into account that THESE NEW BATTLEGROUNDS WILL BE FILLED BY CHINESE GOLD FARMERS similar to SSP.
  10. Yap, Addendum unlocks the 35AP Gems and the Silverfrost Radiant Ring unlocks the Green & Blue Hepta Diamond.
  11. But honestly, I believe you'll play an Assassin Lyn or even a KFM Lyn. That would be too cute to play with. xD
  12. RNG, thats why it costs 500g in Market due to its rarity. But Addendum unlocks the 35 AP Gem if you didnt know.
  13. With more than 50 summoners in 1 channel, good luck getting credited with the bosses. Also, I stopped doing SSP for a while. Its not worth the time & frustrations with gold farmers (summoners).
  14. Hello, Your BF may have been banned for logging into an unknown computer from the NC's system. (Last known login location in your profile). Perhaps this is a prevention for malicious access to your BF account even though you know it is him who access and tried to login to website. But in this case, there is no way that the server know that the real owner was the one using the account. Aside from that, I urge you NOT to use the default Blade & Soul Support ticket system. Those people there are from India probably and only works as a Call Center Agent with canned repl
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