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  1. 1 CS, 1 mandate, 1 gloom, 4 foundry, no spawns. It's probably the same for every dungeon. Merry Christmas.
  2. Killing Spiny Woodfiend also gives you a buff making you immune to poison for 5 minutes.
  3. All your screenshot says is that you (if that is you) are very bad at literally the easiest class in any MMO ever.
  4. I queued Yeti 3 times yesterday on my KFM. Every run had 2 other KFMs,at least one assassin, and at least one destroyer. If anything, I'd say those are the flavor of the month classes right now (which makes sense if you look at the silverfrost patch notes).
  5. Fire is safer. You can always block-cancel, E-cancel, Q-cancel, etc. out of flickers and pierce. It's not bad for learning boss patterns, doing Mushin's Tower, or tanking in one position with the boss facing one direction only. Lightning does more DPS against the punching bags NCsoft calls dungeon bosses. Make sure to spec flicker straight down for that 5% crit buff, sundering for chi, and ss for extra draw stance.
  6. Frost Palm, Windstorm, and Inferno are all threat generating attacks. Spec them not to generate aggro, and you should have no problem. FMs that have aggro almost always have these unspecced. If you don't have enough points yet, just deal with the aggro or don't use those skills.
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