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  1. 191 Runs of 4man Poh

    Question ya have run this many times have ya seen any class specific necklaces drop from 4 man poh? i havent seen any but i remember aquiring them in other versions of the game.So wondering if you have seen any
  2. Well, this is the best MMO ever!

    Welcome to the game.The game is great despite the flaws that are happening atm the bots ect.Im enjoying every minute of it too
  3. People asking for 400+ AP for NLAB WTF ?

    not everything is ap.if you have 380ap and 1200 crit dmg.thats way superior than 400ap 800crit dmg ((i see this often on ppl)).test it on dummies
  4. Does the 2-crit sparkling ruby exist in NA client?

    I think hexa dont exist yet,biggest i gotten is penta.and green quality.still worth to use.alot better than my old 360 dmg ruby
  5. Does the 2-crit sparkling ruby exist in NA client?

    Green Pentagonal and Square are in game and they both work pretty well.I use a Penta one on my main and squares on alts.even suqares work seems gem quality just increases proc rate.there isnt any cooldown to their trigger,i had mine proc 2-3 times in a row Blue ones not dropping.Only greens at the moment.and they cant be put on marketplace,but they can be traded
  6. Laptop Suggestions

    if you can afford overkill,go with the overkill one cause if in the future ya wanna play another a game that requires higher specs,you got ur nice laptop and dont need to buy yet another one
  7. Preparing for 50 patch.

    You can test it in slightly better dps it has:Block 204,Critical 285,Attack power 3,Crit damage 195. that 3 attack power bumps it up a lil bit more than the siren.but its not much ((minimal dmg difference,but it is there))
  8. Preparing for 50 patch.

    Proper roll windshock bracelet is better than the siren brace. Not every thing is "dmage hurr durr" you waste too many stat points into going crit for a 5-10% increase at most while a char with good piercing,nice crit ((2500 range since is when softcap hits)) crit ruby will crit well,and if anything happens and you get hit,high chance of hearing a "clank" and recieve minimaldamage with good hp you can dps more nonstop. I come from other version bns and only here i seen ppl with such a tunnel vision on how to build chars.only NA mentality
  9. Preparing for 50 patch.

    after peircing is done,you add tankyness stat of your choice for a more survivable character ((if you got enough bis pieces for crit damage done i assume)).
  10. Preparing for 50 patch.

    The crit softcap is at 2500 by the way this points put stats elsewhere and youll have a stronger chara
  11. Proc rate on penta is slightly higher
  12. i am new.

    you get costumes from quests and drops the jianshi wheel you can get a free costume/hat/accesory,and soon after a quest in the pyres gives u another costume.plenty costumes for free users ^.^
  13. Im a fm,2500 crit rate.I was using 360 dmg gem before. The Crit gem dosent give crit rate per se,it procs and next hit u do is a critical.The gem has no cooldown too so it can proc back to back
  14. To give an idea how good this gemsy is.I was using a raw damage ruby,i switched for one of these crit gems a pentagonal one.It shaved 22 seconds of my kill timer of killing mushins darkness than my previous attempts without it
  15. After like 30 transmutes finally got one.damn this is great ruby to use
  16. My account is hacked 15 min ago story continues

    Im so sorry ur going through w this.Keep pressing em with tickets,ya usually got to do that in big mmo companies like this till a sensible person sits and reads what the situation is
  17. BiS Windshock Bracelet

    there a threat based pne too. the 195 crit damage one is slightly better than the 111 one
  18. how the hell he have more stats than me

    Are you blind or also has good crit RATE of 285.and you can use crit primers ((crafted)) for sulshields to add 110-120 crit EACH PIECE .you must be trolling.ok ill be lazy then
  19. how the hell he have more stats than me

    One of the rolls are the stats i stated. Block 284 Critical 285 attack power 3 Critical damage 195 there is one thats threat based,and another roll that has abit more atk and 111 crit damage.((which is slightly worse dps than the 195 crit dmg one)) I find it funny tho that you say crit dmg is everything,yet pirate bracelet has ZERO CRIT DAMAGE im not gona go and upload apic in photobucket cus you dont done w this thread.ill keep using it and dealing better dmg ((tested and true,math dosent lie))
  20. how the hell he have more stats than me

    Block 284 Critical 285 attack power 3 Critical damage 195 PIRATE HAS NO CRIT DAMAGE that extra 4 atk does NOT make up fr the addition of 195 crit dmage!!! ((195 crit dmg is about 18 attack worth of dmg on crits)) Test it on dummies! the proof is there! i used pirate too till i tested this
  21. how the hell he have more stats than me

    Pirate bracelet dosent even have critical damage.have you tested it or are ya just replying for the sake of replying? Proper windshock brace is superior dps in all aspects.and you can test that.this tunnel vision of all "upgradeable stuff=better" you only see it in the na version.
  22. how the hell he have more stats than me

    it is WAY better Block 284 Critical 285 attack power 3 Critical damage 195 ((this one is better than the 6 atk one)) tested it on dummies by myself.ppl underestimate the weight of crit power on things.Pirate brace has none,and that extra attack does not make up for it ((it would need to have about 23 atk power to be able to match this))
  23. Can i play? (:

    You can give it a try,but definetly go to advanced in graphics,lower everything,toogle "optimize for combat" maybe it will run abit playable then
  24. nobody in soha seems to know about my only chance to get one would be rng transmute till i get one?
  25. Favorite Side-Characters

    I like the storage girl in the desert town that dosent really care about anything XD