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  1. I dont really understand the mechanics behind the range calculator, but can someone check it from the DEVs? Max limit not changing from days, and now only desperate people selling for 1:8. (only the lower limit changing) ...When you, Ncsoft, put rng boxes in the market, currency exhange rate dropping, but after a few week it should increase...but its not doing it, and now its usually empty. So something maybe bugged or if its intended, then i can say.......dont do it :(...its not nice...(i try to not use mad words:) ) *cheer*
  2. *bump* So i last 2 weeks: drops from 4 man dungeon even get worst, 2-3 stinger with weapons usually, and some rare 1 honorary fragmant or a very rare ~10 stinger drop. Ridiculus. After i decided to wait until Asura patch to get better drops, i started farming again Poha/BSH for costumes......................ARE YOU FUKKING ME? 0 drop after 40-50 run. Yes i heared other random partys got drop, still they got rarely. But NOONE SAW the HAIR WIG from bsh....and i didnt see any costume when i were in with very low geared people, i were not even mad, i just carry them. (i only
  3. 18 transmute, all failed. ---i mean :D All said this: SUCCESSFUL TRANSMUTE, YOU CRAFTED 1 FABRIC! where can i get refund? need back my fabrics....
  4. Hi again, Few things; @Victorion - :( it's not my character, i moved from other BnS to here later in january, and seems a sin took my name, and as i saw he already left the game. But thanks the research. Actully i am around 510ap/55% crit/195% crit dmg and true breeze weapon next. And when i said "leaving" the game, thats mean moving back to :) other BnS, and waiting for patch here :P they have to make one in the near future, every 2nd player is a bot right now :) @DragonAlex - if you asking me at the end of your post: I want better droprate in some evolving mate
  5. KatHead, You are right in everything, but really. And what Dotimus said above, 100 run in dungeon to get the that costume that dropping there....yeah it takes a LOT farming. For example Infinite Costume: takes around 15 min to complete the dung-> 15min x 100 times = 25 hour farming....that is not much, double it...so achivement should be around 200 run to get it...but...i can agree this and the Wig hair costume should be the 2 rearest ingame....but i am thinking about the unlucky ones, becasue what if a player not get it in the 400th run? Yeah, rage quit, and i can understand when
  6. This is actually a very good idea, we already talked about it in other forum topic. So achievement system working, there are already dungeon achievements, like 100 run, now they only had to add a costume to it, and it would be great if they add all the dropping costume to achievement as well. I dont know the reason why not?.....if we farming at least we will get it for sure (i defenetly play more time to get all the costumes, i already bought all from ncoin), BUT we cant trade, cant give to an alt, and as i see NCsoft wont make the regular dropping costume as tradable(they talked about it in t
  7. Then players will leave. As some already did. MMO-s nowadays think that endgame about low droprate, so the player have to play more to get what he want. But its not true, we wont play more....:)......i deleted my next words :) *leaving in peace*
  8. Hi eveyone, I am an european working guy with full time job. Means daily 8 hour work, rest is playing, housework, etc. :) Usually have around 3-4 hour minimum gameplay daily. And i like BnS so when i heard that Ncsoft will publish a NA/EU version, and they said- "we will make it to na/eu players" i though -"yeay, better droprate faster upgrades on my wep/acc". But after 2 month playing, no. Its the worst. Overall we had the worst droprate in JP/TW/ RU version. So, -i dont care the bots, -i dont care the lags, -i dont care the unblanaced casts, -i dont care
  9. Actually i more like this one (maybe with possible more runs.) The last one filled with trash thing (low lvl items :S) without costume :S So i wish for this kind of Daily Dash, with possible more runs if you finished, and the 2nd,3rd etc... ending reward should be a pouch or maybe 20 soulstone or something. :) But im glad that they changed the last so....costume! yeay! :)
  10. I just love those good replies with " oh i got it on my first run" -> very nice, link printscreen or shut up. And yes, i already raged about RNG, and will leave the game soon. Usually these bad rng games not rly for me. :) So i also farmed a lot other costumes. Made a post about it in the Infinite Costume topic (i did a very hardcore farming for a week, i mean only farming...i dont even want to say how much hours, i was "sick" at home so :) full days without drop). And yeah, as i remember only 2 costume drop in the past 1 month doing dungeons, solo dungeons, and even in thi
  11. Hi everyone, Little problem with this drop rate. THe rest maps drops but this one.....from Grand Harvest Square....i opened 50+ (its 60 something now) chest which contain the SECOND MAP PIECE, but no drop. Yes i know its dropping to my mates, im just curious because i opened 20 at once....and no drop ..... snd some 1 by 1 and again, no drop. So rng? Or BUG? I have a lot key, first and third map piece....and yeah NCSOFT just made the treasure room door unskippable -.- bots still exist, but they are removing the usefull bugs....anoying one not, like combat bug, or mob reset
  12. *Bump* Spend my last week costume farming after i hit lvl 45. Farmed the next ones: -Infinite Challanger <- around 300 i give up -Carnivore/Herbivore masks <- farmed both around 200-200 boxes, i give up, wont spend more key on them -Obsidian serpent and the cap <- when i was little(lvl 35?) i got the mask on first run, but these two not rly dropping 100 run so far, daily quest, and long as infi chalanger dungeon -Secret Agent <- again daily quest in dungeon, after 50 run i gone to farm other one, -Mane of Ironfang lord <- i wanted this s
  13. I am supporting this!!! When i am in cross server dungeon, there are problems and this is defently ONE! -leader can change loot option!!! its nonsense, must be removed -bidding as this forum said had a problem, i got scammed 5-6 times, have printscreens thinking about reporting the bidders, and THE MAIN PROBLEM:i bid carefully, but just 0,1 sec before i wanted to hit BID, the troll bid 10gold so i were the next who bid higher, ofc the other guy also hit instatly and he just lost 11+ gold because one toxic player. -3rd problem is player kicking, we can only kick off
  14. Hello Lock6, Thank you for your reply, sorry again for my rage. Ideas? May one or two will usefull :P (and dont missunderstand me, i dont want everything in the game right now, planning to play for a while here:) ) - - so mainly one costume would be nice, ofc, only one in the whole spinning period, But the costume can be even a rare drop dungeon costume, we have multiple characters....so it would be nice - - more Dragon Trade Pouch, not inifity number....but change some valor stone to 1 or 2 dragon pouch, (again we need A LOT if we have multiple character) - - and yes
  15. If i compare the rewards, no, it's not better. 0 thing for 2 month or 1 nice costume in the first 2 week, then doing nothing in the rest 2 week. Think about it. We could get 2 costume meanwhile, and 4 week no spin, but who need spin, when you get everthing (best solution is merge them, 1 costume or bigger reward on first round, then can comes dragon pouches, tokens....anything...just change it...its a new game....already out of ideas?) This almsot the same as you said: "not unavailable-for-half-month dash" <- its available but why should i spin?
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