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  1. I dont really understand the mechanics behind the range calculator, but can someone check it from the DEVs? Max limit not changing from days, and now only desperate people selling for 1:8. (only the lower limit changing) ...When you, Ncsoft, put rng boxes in the market, currency exhange rate dropping, but after a few week it should increase...but its not doing it, and now its usually empty. So something maybe bugged or if its intended, then i can say.......dont do it :(...its not nice...(i try to not use mad words:) ) *cheer*
  2. Then players will leave. As some already did. MMO-s nowadays think that endgame about low droprate, so the player have to play more to get what he want. But its not true, we wont play more....:)......i deleted my next words :) *leaving in peace*
  3. Hi everyone, Little problem with this drop rate. THe rest maps drops but this one.....from Grand Harvest Square....i opened 50+ (its 60 something now) chest which contain the SECOND MAP PIECE, but no drop. Yes i know its dropping to my mates, im just curious because i opened 20 at once....and no drop ..... snd some 1 by 1 and again, no drop. So rng? Or BUG? I have a lot key, first and third map piece....and yeah NCSOFT just made the treasure room door unskippable -.- bots still exist, but they are removing the usefull bugs....anoying one not, like combat bug, or mob reset
  4. *Bump* Spend my last week costume farming after i hit lvl 45. Farmed the next ones: -Infinite Challanger <- around 300 i give up -Carnivore/Herbivore masks <- farmed both around 200-200 boxes, i give up, wont spend more key on them -Obsidian serpent and the cap <- when i was little(lvl 35?) i got the mask on first run, but these two not rly dropping 100 run so far, daily quest, and long as infi chalanger dungeon -Secret Agent <- again daily quest in dungeon, after 50 run i gone to farm other one, -Mane of Ironfang lord <- i wanted this s
  5. -Venture token drops -Costume drops -Some other other item droprate also affected with very bad rng.....maybe we should get an item to exchange it for what we need, like you have 300 necklace?...good you can change it for the infi costume or something like that... Market is currently have his bad time, ecenomy fukked up, basic material price going up like hell, because (like moonwater pickaxe) :S im curious what will happen here. And currency exchanger still not working, but with this economy.....well 1 more month :S
  6. I cant understand why are the costumes "Bind on Pick up". We cant give it to our other character, i have wardrobe, but for what? It changed a lot if we could trade costumes like cat ones. I just dont understand why, i have 2 very rare costume duplicated on my lyn, i wont use it, and cant give it away....cant even salvage it -_- And dont tell me because in this way only a few people have it.....if tradeable it wont make more drop...only 100-150g price for a costume....but if you want it you can get it. *sigh* hate this broken rng.... 300+ run still no costume here, i gave up, its only
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