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  1. How about the HOST NINJAS IN dungeons. They should not be allowed to change loot preference during the fights. This is happening more and more frequently in f8 dungeons/random people teams. THIS IS ENCOURAGING MORE AND MoRE ABUSE IF IT IS NOT FIXED. I MEAN I CAN JUST HOST A PARTY AND STEAL LOOT EVERY INSTANCE. FIX PLEASE.
  2. WHY IS THIS NOT FIXED YET? PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN ABOUT THIS FOR AGES. I understand that asian culture mindsets are generally what you "should do/should not" but in the west, its *cricket*ing mindset of what you "can do/cannot" if they CAN DO IT, they WILL DO IT. I already have 2/10 leaders ninja loot at the last boss in random matchups. And once more people get cheated, and nothing happens. THERE WILL BE MORE PEOPLE DOING IT. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP.
  3. Opening Chests at the end of a dungeon run

    i think they limited it to premium users only